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Melbourne metalcore enthusiasts Evolution Of Self have just released their debut EP. With a healthy work ethic and clear plans for the future, the next 12 months appear promising for the locals. Killyourstereo.com chatted with the band recently.

The debut EP is now out, what is the main thing you’re hoping new listeners can take away after hearing the tracks?

We hope that all the passion, heart and hard work we have put in is evident and heard on the EP. [We hope] that people get something personal and unique from each song. That people enjoy, connect and get on board with the different metalcore sound that we deliver. But, most importantly, we just hope people play it loud, head bang along, tap their feet, chuck a mosh and have fun.

How have you found managing band commitments with outside commitments like work and/or study?

Making time for band commitments has its challenges and can be difficult. Being a smaller, unknown band, we obviously are at a stage where financially we invest in the band sometimes at the risk of not cutting even. So understandably life and work commitments could tend to sometime take a stronger priority.

We are at an advantage that we have multiple members that are currently or previously been in other bands. They have learnt from past mistakes and the skill of how to balance work/band time perfectly. For us, it was essential that we all found the perfect balance in our schedules to make music, practice, [play] live shows, work all possible at the same time. A good work ethic is something this band prides itself on, we believe that you earn your yards. [You] work hard, give it all and it always pays off in the end. The best part about EOS is we all have a chemistry and unity that works perfectly. With the vital mix of passion, heart and determination. We are having fun, believe in the music we make together and the sacrifices along the way that we make are worth it.

In terms of the band specifically, you’re currently in the position where the group is very much DIY, as you don’t have label or management representation. What’s it like self-managing things at the moment?

Self managing can be difficult when as a band you are doing every process without outside support. Having that kind of support would definitely help any and all bands grow quicker, but not having it yet has certainly not slowed us down. We achieve it as a collective effort, every one contributes and pulls their weight to push the band forward. Our frontman Jeremy definitely  takes the lead with it all though. He constantly keeps our social media activity flowing and does a majority of bookings and running shows, [sending] emails, [and] organising things, and makes sure the business side of things are handled professionally.

How important has social media been to the band to help you disseminate the music and grow the fan base without any geographical restrictions?

As slightly older guys in the scene, we remember when things were different. But, we also know that the current music scene is heavily dependent – for good and bad – on having an online presence and social media interaction. Without this kind of thing we wouldn’t have the backing and support we have gained over the past 1 1/2 years. This showed when last week we released our debut EP on iTunes. It charted well during the first week of it being available. It peaked at #4 and found a steady home in the top 50. As an unsigned, unmanaged, independent band we are overwhelmed and so thankful for the all the support and backing we have from our fans and friends to make that possible. It shows us that what we are doing is connecting with people.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve encountered so far being an up and coming band, particularly in the heavy scene?

The hardest thing we’ve encountered would be just getting venues, promoters, booking agents/agencies and touring companies to notice us and listen to us. As an upcoming band, breaking into the scene can be difficult. Since “established” local acts are understandably seen more reliable, chances are limited for an unknown band. But we also know that quick breaks lead to no longevity, so we have been playing where and when ever we can. Slowing building what we do and naturally creating opportunities and possibilities for us in the future. We know we are on the right path musically and this shows especially when we play live shows. The feedback is heartwarming and we are witnessing our fan base steadily grow. We know what we do resonates with people when it’s given the chance and with this EP we know that people will start noticing and catching on to EOS. We are itching at the chance to prove ourselves and cement our name as a recognisable force in the Metalcore scene.

What’s planned for the remainder of 2015?

The rest of 2015 will mark the beginning of the next chapter of Evolution of Self. First and foremost – live shows. We are aiming to play as frequently and often as possible, with already a handful [of shows] booked, we hope to fill out the remainder of the year with live shows. We also have plans for a music video or two, interstate weekend tours and starting to incorporate some new songs, we have written, into our live set. And you never know, maybe even release a new single at the end of the year. Future is bright in camp EOS.

And looking a little further, what are some of the key band goals for the next 12 – 18 months?

Next 12-18 months for us is to keep building and driving the band forward, never getting complacent. Gaining more support and backing from booking agents/agencies, promoters, management and venues. Release our first album, play more live shows, share the stage with bands we idolise and and [hopefully] at iconic live venues, and then tour state wide and nationally.

Favourite albums of 2015 so far?

As music addicts, picking a solitary album is challenging and almost impossible. Especially this year, 2015 has so far been full of awesome new music. We struggled but picked one each –

While She Sleeps – Brainwashed, 36 Crazyfists – Time and Trauma, Lamb of God – VII: Sturm Und Drang, Northlane – Node, [and] Dead Kelly – Bushfire.


You can purchase the band’s self-titled EP via iTunes.


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