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Even with the distinct crackle of an overseas phone call, it’s still unmistakably JJ Peters of Deez Nuts on the other end of the phone. Taking a much deserved break from touring, with his daughter in Germany, before the band head out with Stick To Your Guns, Trash Talk and Being As An Ocean, we talk to the industry stalwart about all things DN.

Not because he’s jaded, but JJ Peters is nowhere near the kid on the Deez Nuts demo he used to be. The notorious party king has well and truly matured, and he’s made peace with going right back into touring; even with all the things he has to leave behind at home.

“I think it’s such a double edged sword, man. Especially for me because I’ve got my daughter, so it’s a hard thing to go out on the road because obviously she’s the most important thing in my life. It’s hard for me to leave for any period of time.

“But, having said that, touring is also all we’ve known since we were kids and it’s a huge part of our lives so that’s how we can be the breadwinners and take care of ours you know? It’s the same as the other boys – it doesn’t need to be about kids – girlfriends, family and friends, whatever’s important in your life you’re gonna miss them. When you’re at home you miss the road, and when you’re on the road you miss everything you hold dear at home. It’s a bittersweet thing, but we’ve been off the road for a lot longer than usual so we’re kind of itching to play the new songs and get out there,” Peters explains.

However, it’s more like growing old, not growing up as the music further expands.

“I think I’ve just matured as a person. When I say maturing though, I just mean getting older,” he laughs.

“I don’t know if I’m a lot more mature, I think I’m just more weathered. I guess it’s a little bit more experience, it’s getting worn down by the world and reflecting on it. I’ve got tonnes to live for, and tonnes to be happy about and write party songs about. But I’ve also been through some more full-on experiences as I’ve got older, and I’ve had time to reflect on them as well.

“If I kept writing the same party album every year, it would cease to be real. I was all about partying when I wrote the old party jams, so that’s exactly why I wrote them. I wouldn’t force anything like that out on an album if that wasn’t my headspace at the time. This time around the serious songs are going to resonate, because that’s where my head is at. I’m still loving life, still having a good time but if the band doesn’t grow and change, it becomes a bit stagnant.”

With Word Is Bond dropping this April, it begs the question whether Deez Nuts – with passionate fans overseas and at home – are anticipating a huge reaction from both sides.

“It’s kind of a loaded question because I’m torn between being honest and saying what’s going to keep people pleased!”

When pressed for the honest answer, it doesn’t paint the best picture for the hometown crew, but there’s still a chance for Australia to show Deez Nuts the love they deserve.

“I love playing everywhere but in this situation, Europe shows us a lot more love than anywhere else. I’m more excited to play in Europe because I know the new songs are going to get the response that we feel we deserve. But having said that, coming home and playing the songs in Australia, I really think this album’s going to get people paying attention again. Plus, in Australia, the album will have been out for over a month so hopefully that reflects in the crowd response, I’m excited for both.”

‘Word Is Bond’ is out now through UNFD. Read our review here.


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