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There’s not a band quite like Black Veil Brides. The band’s sound may come familiar to you, but their unique sense of community and brotherhood among their fans is unlike any other. Having formed an army of sorts these past years, Black Veil Brides have broken into a new chapter in their lives, one of a dark, mature and refined image and sound. Enter the self-titled album. The band’s latest effort shows them in fine form, bringing out all their talents to craft a record that has done more than please their fans; it’s pleased their haters. We spoke with drummer Christian ‘CC’ Coma about the release, haters versus fans and the sexy country we call home: Australia!

So how are you seeing the response to the latest album, ‘Black Veil Brides’?

 Yeah, the response had been great. We’re definitely seeing a widening of our demographic, it seems like older people are into this one, which I think is because of the influences we pulled out on this one. We really had an old Metallica vibe here whereas before we kind of sounded like Motley Crue. So there’s definitely metal heads coming to our shows now and they come in droves and they kick ass out in the crowd, which is awesome!

I do really want to talk about that actually. I found it to have an Avenged Sevenfold vibe personally, so I’m interested to know how that came about?

 It was completely natural to be honest. We worked with Bob Rock on this one and we are huge fans of his work. We love the ‘Black Album’ and ‘Dr. Feelgood’ and all that stuff, and it really came naturally to have that sound. This was the first time in pre-production where we all got into a room and basically jammed together with Bob orchestrating us. It was a natural progression for the band, we didn’t even think about it really, we just went in and did it.

 It seems like it’s a much more mature record this time around, did you feel that personally?

Yeah, I definitely think so. As far as the inner band relations go, me and the other guys, it’s been the best ever. We’re all really getting along fantastic now, not that there was any inner turmoil before but it just seems like now we’re back to where we used to be when we started. We’ve been doing a release every year for consecutively for a while now so to get back to where it’s just fun, where it just smiling and laughing in the studio making a record is awesome. We’re all much closer also, I mean we’re all hanging out together outside of the band a lot more now too like going to dinner together or going to bars or whatever. Whereas before one or two of us would go out and everyone would go do their own thing, we’re all really close now as far that goes, which is awesome.

Why did you guys decide to self-title record?

 I guess it was just time to do that. I mean, as you said it’s a much more mature sound for us and I think after our last record we had so many ambitions. We made a concept record last time to go along with a movie. So this time around we just thought we’d make a cool rock and roll record like we’ve always wanted. But I guess it really was just time man. We finally got to a stage in our career, in our sound where it’s us. We’ve had all our influences from all over the place yet here we’ve achieved a sound that was more us. I guess we were ready for it.

Is there any meaning behind artwork or did you just think it would look badass?

 A little bit of both man. (Laughs) We worked with the same artist Richard Villa who’s done all of our albums and he’s incredible. Artistically, this artwork is a follow up to our last record. The last record we made a move with it called Legion of the Black but we went with a darker cover this time with a more demonic figure, his name is Legion. We wanted more of a demonic figure on the front and funny enough, there are characteristics taken from all of us like Ashley’s cheekbones and Andy’s eyes. There are a lot of Easter eggs to, like the buildings are a reference to the ‘Fallen Angels’ video. If you look closely, all three of our previous records can be seen in some way there. I mean my first reaction to it was, “Oh my god that’s badass!” But there was definitely a lot more to it than just being cool. (Laughs)

When do you think you’ll be able to come down to Australia next?

I wish it was tomorrow! As long as a few of our members stay out of the oceans this time. (Laughs) I would love to come back more man, honestly. It’s such an amazing place and I know we have plans to get down there. We are booked from February until Christmas next year but I haven’t exactly seen the routing so I don’t know what’s the go but I can’t wait. It’s my favourite place on earth. I love going there and I’m almost teary eyed when I leave.

What is it you love about us? I hear this a lot and I’m curious to know what appeal we have on the Americans?

 (Laughs) It’s everything man. I’ve only been down there for Soundwave in the summer so maybe I’m a bit spoilt but I live by the beach in Los Angeles and to me, Australia is like a sexy beach goer had sex with a sexy British person and had a sexy, well rounded daughter to marry. It’s got the beach vibe I love and the crowds are insane. Maybe I’m just on my toes because all the world’s deadliest things are there but I honestly love it. If I had to move anywhere outside of Los Angeles it would be any city in Australia. I’ve always had the time of my life in Australia and can’t wait to come back!

 It seems like Black Veil Brides and your fans get a lot of negativity online. There’s a lot of hate for not only your band but also for your very loyal fan base, who are essentially an army of sorts. Do you take that personally when someone essentially cyber bullies your fan base?

 Yeah man, I do. I kind of contribute our success to our army. We have a very big community of fans whereas that seems to be something other rock bands are lacking. They just kind of get on stage and play some songs and that’s as far as it goes and I think that’s what we try to do differently. Every single day I see people with tattoos of our group, my signature and I think that’s incredible and I love seeing that community of our fans. I also love seeing how they relate to our lyrics whether it be bullying or standing up for yourself. We’re definitely past the point of letting the negativity online [get to us]. We have proven ourselves as a band by now I think and we’ve surpassed the point of it worrying us and the same goes for our fans I think. And it’s interesting on this new record, as I was saying before, seeing all the new fans come out who I would never really see at our shows. My favourite comments are, “I don’t like Black Veil Brides but this song is cool” or whatever. It shows that we’re doing something right, you know. But no, the negativity I think has just stopped affecting us and the strong community of the BVB Army.

Yeah, I am one of those people. I’ve never really liked your music at all before but I picked up the new record and it was really fucking awesome I won’t deny that at all. And I’ve always had respect for you guys as you’ve been hardworking and it’s not like you were hurting anyone, you know?

Well first, thank you! (Laughs) And no man, I completely agree, like if I don’t like music I just don’t listen to it. You know? But I guess some people just feel the need to let their voices be heard when they hate something like they’re the world’s best critic or whatever.

That’s YouTube for you.

(Laughs) Don’t I know it!

 All right man, thanks so much for your time, we’ve hit our limit so I better let you go.

No worries man. Looking forward to seeing you down in Australia. I can’t wait to be back!

‘Black Veil Brides’ S/T is out now via LAVA/REPUBLIC RECORDS.

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