Antiskeptic are back, and they are here to stay! With their latest album since reforming, ‘Stare Down The Ocean’ out now, the band is touring the country and reminding us all why we missed them so much. We chatted to drummer Nick Coppin in regards to the album, the tour and reforming.

What’s going through your head with this being your first album since breaking up and reforming?

Well there’s a fair a bit of pressure but I think more than anything we’re just glad to get it out again. We’ve worked hard on this record and we are just excited to see what people think of it really.

Why the name ‘Stare Down The Ocean’?

I guess it kind of just came out of the themes on the album of facing adversity, I guess. There were a lot of songs on there that think are about that and one of the songs was ‘Stare Down The Ocean’ and it really just seemed to fit with the album’s theme.

Being Christian, what’s your take on the whole inverted cross and “fuck religion” “I don’t need a saviour” shirts that seem to be all the rage nowadays?

I mean, I’m not offended by it because I believe that’s their choice and their right to say that stuff because it what’s they believe. But I get why some people have that option you know? I understand that some people either can’t understand my beliefs or refuse to and that some experiences may lead down that path. I do of course wish it didn’t happen but you know, I can’t control people.

On a less heavier topic, what does Australia mean to you?

I guess Australia to me means and represents underdog spirit. That kind of will to fight against the odds and fifth for what you believe in and what matters to you. I think that really works with our new album and our name as well.

Any other plans to release another live DVD or some form of DVD?

Not really. I mean, we’d like to of course but it all falls into when we can do it with funds and what not. I mean, our last one did so well because it was like, our goodbye, and was probably the last thing we were ever going to do so it was a big thing I guess. Whereas if we were to put out one now, it would have to be a big thing or milestone for us to make it worthwhile.

When you guys played The Arthouse, it was one of its last shows ever I’m pretty sure. With things like The Palace closing down, do you think people are over-reacting a bit when they say that closing venues will impact the local scene or not?

I mean it is sad that these venues go and I think it impacts it but in more of an emotional or nostalgic sense, not one that like, hinders it. I mean there’s so many bloody venues around that are always having local shows all the time I don’t think all these closing down of venues will directly impact the scene, I think people can overreact but I do understand how they are upset.

Antiskpetic are currently on tour in support of their latest album, ‘Stare Down the Ocean’ which is available now.

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    • Matty Sievers

      What’s wrong with that question? I’ve asked it before and got some brilliant answers. Some do, yes, push on the artist’s own brand and what not and others do just take it to mean, “what do you like about the country” but it is a broad question but I ask it nevertheless as it is worth it when I get a good answer.

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