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Doyle Perez, A.K.A D At Sea, just dropped his newest EP, ‘Anchors & Diamonds’, last week. This new EP marks a slight shift in sound for the singer/guitarist, and we had a quick chat with Doyle about the new release, advice for up and comers, and recent performances.

After streaming your new EP, ‘Anchors & Diamonds’, I’ve noticed that there’s a much more synth, poppy orientated sound behind when compared with ‘Unconscious’, what was the decision behind that?


Basically, I just wanted to put a bit more energy into my music than straight-up acoustic and I figured this time round I would try something different.  


Was there anything you did differently in terms of the mixing and recording of the new EP?


Well ‘Unconscious’ was in my bedroom at the time. But this time I went over to New York to record with Will Putney at the Machine Shop and it a was pretty cool experience.


What was it like to work with someone intentionally renowned like Will Putney?


Oh, it was rad. It was a pretty chill time and he definitely did a great job.


Do you think you will ever bring back those acoustic covers that you used to release?


I don’t know to be honest. I kind of feel like I did too many. I never intended to be a cover kinda guy, I want to tell my own story for a little bit and if I feel like doing something differently, then I will. But for now, I’m just going to keep pushing my originals. I I initially did all those cover songs to show people that hardcore music wasn’t just about screaming and being heavy and angry. It’s actually quite meaningful and awesome in its own way.


I agree, hardcore isn’t necessarily about aggression and violence.


Yeah, exactly. It’s just about how you look at it, like you could turn on any of my songs and turn them into heavy, hardcore songs.


Speaking of hardcore, during your time in Confession, did you pick up any hints or tips in terms of writing?


Not really, I was already quite familiar with the world of hardcore at that point from playing with other bands and it was all pretty standard. We just played shows and wrote music.


I really want to know if we can expect a breakdown on the next release?


[laughs] Well I actually tried to translate a breakdown into this EP with the song ‘Nightmare’. Like right in the chorus I say ‘Welcome to my nightmare’ and then the music comes in and I kind of see that as being my breakdown [laughs]. I do really want to get some big, heavy guitars in on the next release, but I do want to steer clear of that style as I’ve already done it and want to have my own chapter.


What made you want to pursue music in this direction?


I never even considered picking up an acoustic guitar. My girlfriend had an acoustic guitar and while she was at work, I played that guitar for about two and a half years before I could afford my own. I later toured with it so I guess she was pretty much the reason I do what I do.


How does it feel to be apart of such a diverse label like UNFD?


It’s really cool. Unified have some really awesome bands on there so I’m stoked. But at the end of the day, it’s a label and I can tour with anyone else. They don’t just work with hardcore bands, as there’s other labels under them as well.


Over the weekend you did a few free shows in some of the major cities, what was the idea behind that and how were they?


I played these ‘D At Tree’ shows in park areas in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. When I started playing guitar I wasn’t sure how things worked so I would just play in public parks for people. So I tried to bring back that kind of intimacy and surreal and it was great to just hang out and reconnect with people.


What kind of advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out and wanting to do a similar path?


Just practice and keep at it. Do what you can with what you have. Even now I just stack boxes up and put a camera up there, and before that I just used an iPhone 4 to record the covers like the ‘Carrion’ [Parkway Drive] one. Just work with what you have, doesn’t have to be amazing but just create something.


Persistence is crucial I suppose.


Oh yeah! Just take a risk. I thought people were going to hate all those acoustic covers of hardcore songs, but it took off and I’m super stoked that it did!


All right, finally Doyle, if there was one artist that you could tour with or support, who would it be?


Hard question…I have such a broad range so I don’t think I could nail it down to anyone in particular, but if I had to choose, it wouldn’t be a band, it’d most likely be Eminem. [laughs]


Wow, did not expect that! Well, that’s all we’ve got time for, thanks for your time Doyle, take care man.


No problems. Thanks man, bye.


D At Sea’s new EP, ‘Anchors & Diamonds‘ is out now via UNFD/Warner AU.  


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