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For a number of years deathcore heavyweights Suicide Silence have been climbing and residing at the pointy end of the metal pile. Regarded as one of the most respected and renowned bands in the heavy music scene, the band suffered a tragedy in the loss of frontman Mitch Lucker back in 2012. Yet the group pushed on, finding a new vocalist in Eddie Hermida (formerly of All Shall Perish). He leads the band into their upcoming behemoth of an album, ‘You Can’t Stop Me’. We spoke with Hermida while he was partying hard (no, he seriously was) before leaving for Europe to talk about his role Suicide Silence and the new album.

Hey, Eddie. How’s it going?

Good man! Just let me take a shot real quick then we’ll get stuck into the interview. (Takes shot) I’m all good to go. (Laughs)

(Laughs) All right man. So how was Soundwave? Did we party hard enough for you?

Oh, man! Did you guys party hard. I tried to catch up! (Laughs) Nah, it was good. It was honestly the most nerve wracking thing I’ve done in my life being the first thing I’d ever done with Suicide Silence besides recording a record with them. I had to play new songs; I had to play Mitch [Lucker’s] shit. The crowd responded amazingly and went above and beyond what expected.

So when do you think you can come back down under? I know we’re all keen to see you guys again.

Not soon enough. The truth is, I have my life booked all the way up to November already and there is no sign of Australia. Hopefully we can come back around the same time next year, January, February and do a headliner, show a little love and get a little love.

‘You Can’t Stop Me’ comes out in July, which is getting closer very quickly, how are you feeling about it all?

I’m more than excited! This is a very heavy record, heavy as in viewing and emotion but also sound wise. It’s Suicide Silence, you can’t not have a heavy record with those guys. I’m excited for people to listen to it; I know people will like it. I’m kind of sick of listening to it myself, like sitting in a room and listening to it and thinking it sounds shit. (Laughs) I’m just waiting for everyone to hear it and see their reactions.

I guess the question you’ll be asked a lot today is how are you feeling coming into the shoes of Mitch Lucker, who was kind of an icon for some people?

Well, I wish people would get the idea that I’m replacing him out of their brains. There’s no replacing anybody. If someone quits, there’s replacing in that sense but Mitch didn’t quit. Mitch was taken from us. He was removed from the equation and the only thing I struggle with is the hatred that people are gonna give me when they haven’t given me a fair chance. That gets to me because I give everyone a fair chance. If initially I’m not for it, I want to at least see what it’s all about and people aren’t even giving me that. That’s really the only thing I ask people to give me. I’m stepping in for one of my best friends and somebody who deserves to have somebody step in for them.

No, it was a very tragic day when he Mitch passed on.

Yeah, really tragic for me man.

So, I don’t know the finer details of it all but did the band approach you or was there an audtion?

There was no audition. The band asked me to sing ‘You Only Live Once’ before the record and I did it. I did it within a week and the band was stoked on it, stoked that I was able to do anything for them. They asked me to be on the record and step in and after a few months, I said yes.

With Mitch having been the lyricist, are you stepping into that role as well or is it a bit more of a collective effort in the band?

It’s a group thing. I mean, I do the majority of it but I wasn’t going to just slack off and let them do it all. The guys would kind of bring ideas to me [then with] my thoughts and ideas we’d turn it into a song. In the end, the record is a collaboration between us all, not just a one man effort.

It’s an interesting name for a deathcore album, ‘You Can’t Stop Me’. You tend to get these really dark and almost sinister titled when it comes to the genre.

Well the title is actually done by Mitch and we thought it was perfect. A really fitting album name and some of it is actually his lyrics [on the title track]. What better way to commemorate him and the moving forward of the band than ‘You Can’t Stop Me’.

Any last statement to the readers and the fans, Eddie?

I love you all very much. All the support has been incredible; it’s helped me through every day in this journey. I can’t wait to come back out and see you all and meet some of you, and if anyone has anything to say to me, they can find me on Instagram and Twitter and I’ll read it and try and reply to it!.Thank you!

All right, Eddie, I’ll let you get back to your party.

(Laughs) Thanks man! Have a good day!.

‘You Can’t Stop Me’ is out July 11th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.


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