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Melbourne quartet My Echo are wrapping up a headline tour in support of their recently released self-titled EP. On the eve of their hometown show this Friday, we caught up with the band to discuss the performances, the year so far and what it takes to succeed as a local band today.

Hi, Darcy, thanks for the interview. Appreciate your time.

Thanking you mate

Let’s get the easy one out of the way, how have the EP launch shows gone so far?

They have been great, thanks. A complete mixed bag in the way of venues and bands that we have played with, which has been really nice. Frankie’s Pizza was definitely a highlight. What a shit hot venue and Tony Hawk came down. Mental!

Melbourne show coming up this weekend too. Talk us through the prospect of playing the new material amongst family and close friends.

Those that know, understand how much we love our hometown and enjoy playing here. Our last couple of launch shows in Melbourne were just mental so we are really excited for our show at the Northcote Social Club and to share the stage with The Ramshackle Army and Captives.

The other side of touring, particularly for a local band, is the travel between shows. You’ve certainly clocked up the KM’s. What’s it like handling all the incidentals and behind the scenes stuff that goes on while on tour?

We are lucky enough to have a really great team backing us that assist with a lot of the behind the scenes business. Away from that, we all play our little parts in getting things done whether it be driving, social media or organising ourselves once at the venue. Touring is the best part of playing in a band in our eyes so we really make the most of it while on the road.

That leads nicely to the next question. Where do you feel most comfortable as a band? In the studio or on the stage? Perhaps, they’re apples and oranges.

The stage is definitely home for us. Don’t get me wrong, we all really enjoy the recording process as well but there is something about getting up in a small, sweaty venue that smells like stale beer and smashing out our songs to smiling faces that really warms the heart.

What have been some of the biggest lessons you’ve learnt since being in My Echo?

Patience! Patience is a must. Take your time when it comes to making decisions. Whether it is a decision about working with a possible manager or producer or about songs to record. We have made the mistake of jumping in to something quickly in previous bands. This time around we took our time and made sure everything that came to us was really comfortable.

You’ve been fortunate enough to share the stage with some well-regarded bands. What have been some of the memorable experiences?

We were lucky enough to be added to the Bendigo leg of the Groovin’ The Moo festival this year. It was pretty bloody sweet sharing the stage with the likes of Kingswood, Karnivool and Violent Soho. We look up to those bands so it was great being able to see them in their element.

Equally, a positive of the local scene is the friendship and help fellow bands give one other. What has your experience been like existing in the local “scene”?

The local scene in Australia is fucking amazing at the moment. I can’t get over the amount of killer music that is about. And the support that bands are giving one another is just so refreshing to see. It is kind of like that old school ethos of brothers supporting brothers.

I’ll have to give a quick shout out to our mates in The Sinking Teeth and Captives. Two incredible bands and just the best humans!

You mentioned social media earlier. Social media is a good thing in the way it opens up the communication between bands an their fans irrespective of location. However, now it’s becoming a bit more challenging with introductions like Facebook’s ‘pay-to-promote’. How is it for a local band using these networking channels?

The Facebook ‘pay-to-promote’ farce is pretty up the ass. Sometimes it works and other times you get jack shit back from it. But irrespective of that, I still think Facebook is a great tool for bands, especially those starting out, to communicate and network with other bands to find out what is happening locally.

What are the plans for the rest of 2014?

Continue to tour and play as much as possible and then head back in to the studio around springtime to begin our next recording.

An easy one to finish off with, we’re at the halfway mark of the year, what have been some of your favourite albums so far?

Luca Brasi – By a Thread
Ceres – Luck
Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues
The Menzingers – Rented World

Thanks for your time. Darcy

Cheers Kane.

My Echo’s self-titled EP is out now via Ten To Two Records.

Catch the band in Melbourne this Friday. Details here.

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