Enthusiastic, eccentric and dedicated, iwrestledabearonce are unique if nothing else. The band begins their Australian tour this week. Prior to stepping on a plane, Killyourstereo.com sat down with guitarist Steven Bradley to get the lowdown on the upcoming shows.

Hey Steven, let’s get straight to the obvious one – the Australian tour. You’ll be here in less than week, how is everything coming along for a return trip to our shores next week?

We’re very excited to be coming back. Our last tour there was great and this time we get to hit some new places as well.

Generally speaking, how has 2014 been so far for the band?

It has been a blast. We are lucky to have been on nothing but great tours so far this year…and we have even more stuff cool stuff on the horizon.

This time you know what to expect from Australia. What’s on the list of things to do this this tour?

Naturally, we have to be assholes and go take photos with koalas again. Other than that, just some trips to beaches and other beautiful places in your glorious country. Also lots of drinking. We will be hosting some after parties this time and I’m sure things will be fucking crazy.

Talk us through touring life off stage. You guys have a strong sense of humour, how much does that extend to life in a van and on the road?

We are all idiots and joke around constantly. It’s not some sort of act or gimmick, we just enjoy having fun and don’t see a point in having an image or acting any way when we just want to play music and have fun with our friends.

On the topic of having a bit of fun, the black metal fake PR campaign a few years back worked a treat. What other similar, tongue-in-cheek promotions can we expect from the band in the future?

I’m pretty sure we blew it with that one. Nobody will believe anything we say ever again (laughs). You never know though? We have some ideas for various things for later this year…

On the topic of contemporary metal, everyone seems to have an opinion in regards to the excessive sub-genres today. What’s refreshing about IWABO is you don’t stick to narrow style confines. What’s your opinion on all these metal genres?

We don’t care at all about genres or trying to define music. We enjoy real, passionate bands that play because they are musicians, not rock star dickheads. It doesn’t matter what genre, good music is good music.

What have been some of the best bands you have toured with?

We’ve gotten to tour with so many amazing bands now. Honestly, Animals As Leaders were probably the most insane band to watch every day on tour. They’re all aliens I’m pretty sure – just way too damn good.

Another commendable thing about your band is there seems to be no segregation between you guys and your fans. How important is it to interact with your listeners in person at gigs and also online via social media?

We play music to meet people and share our love of music. We have friends, not fans and we always hang out in venues and try to meet people. Why the fuck bother touring if you’re going to sit alone on your bus and be miserable all day?

What was the first metal record that really got the ball rolling for you?

It’s not really "metal" but probably Deftones – ‘Around the Fur’. Seeing them live right when that album came out [too]. That experience definitely made me want to be a musician.

What are your outside interests? Music can be quite consuming, what keeps the mind busy when you’re not in band mode?

Recording music and working on other bands music. Engineering, mixing, mastering, etc. Music is pretty much my entire life outside of my girlfriend, dog, and friends.

Thanks for the interview Steve. Appreciate your time. Looking forward to catching you guys in Melbourne.

Thanks for presenting the tour. See you soon.

iwrestledabearonce begin their Australian tour with Caulfield this Wednesday. Dates and details here.

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