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Featuring ex-Confession and current Jack The Stripper & Hallower members within the line-up, locals I Am DeLarge are well placed. Having recently released an EP, the band is preparing to make 2014 a productive year. Killyourstereo.com caught up with Adam Harris to talk about the group, the music and future plans.

G’day Adam, thanks for taking the time for an interview.

No problem, thanks for having me.

The EP is out now. Talk us through how 2014 has been so far?

So far for 2014 we’ve released our first E.P, which you can check out via our Facebook page or our Bandcamp and we’ve been working away on a full-length getting songs together etc. So that’s keeping us fairly busy.

I had a listen to the four tracks via bandcamp as you mentioned. These sites really help share music. Your neighbour can listen to it just as easily as someone in Scandinavia can access it. How important are these mediums for local bands to help get your music out there?

Yeah, exactly. I think for bands wanting to get an EP or album heard, it’s the most important thing. Rather than only handing out demos at shows as an option, you’ve now got it up for anyone to come across. There’s also the chance a promoter or someone involved with a label will hear your stuff through one of these sites, which I couldn’t imagine happening a lot in the physical world. Often you’ll find CD’s at the front of venues mashed into the sidewalk after a show that have been handed out. So I guess it saves that feeling of rejection too (laughs).

Now that things are rolling with I Am Delarge, what are the plans for 2014?

We’ve started writing a full-length. We’re really psyched on what we’ve written so far and can’t wait to get it out. We’re also going to be filming a clip in three weeks, which will feature three ocean cruisers and a bunch of different fighter jets. Also just looking to play as many shows and tours as possible, and see what happens.

To me, your music seems ideal for the stage. How important is the live show? If you have a memorable live performance it certainly helps make bands retain with audiences.

Yeah, for sure, you definitely need to give people a reason to want to come and watch you. Whether it be a super energetic and fun show or crazy pyrotechnics and matching costumes or something like that. If you’re not exciting to go and see live then there’s a ton of other awesome bands out there who do put on an awesome show.

How do you find the local music scene in terms of the support and opportunity I Am Delarge receive?

We’re a relatively new band so it’s kind of hard to gauge just yet, but so far we’ve had really positive feedback. So we’re happy.

Having band members that have (or still are) in fellow bands, how much has this helped in terms of already having the experience and know-how?

It’s been such a huge help with pretty much every aspect of the band. It kind of felt like we were a band that had been together for a while after maybe two or three practices, which I’ve never really experienced before. It has always taken a little longer. With all that said, you can never replicate the hours and hours and hundreds of shows it takes to become a really solid unit, which we hope to do.

Returning to last year for a second, just some quick ones to finish off with:

Favourite album of 2013?

Too many to choose but I’ll go with Live by the Code – Terror

Most disappointing album of 2013?

I honestly don’t think I heard an album I disliked in 2013. I’m sure tons of them sucked but I must have missed them.

Best new musical discovery of 2013?

A band called The Wrecks, they’re a pretty sick new band

… in terms of this year:

Most anticipated album of 2014?

The new Limp Bizkit album for sure. Stampede of the Disco Elephants I think it’s called.

Band you think will explode in 2014?

There’s a band called Advocates who recently re-located to Melbourne from New Zealand. I can see them definitely growing in popularity sometime this year.

…and, generally:

Favourite song to blare in the tour van?

Chromeo is probably the only thing I listen to when I’m driving the van. It’s probably the only thing on my iPod too.

One song you’ll die a happy man if you never hear again?

Rude by Magic. Seriously fuck that song (laughs).

Thanks for your time mate, really appreciate it.

Thanks dude, take it easy.


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