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After signing to UNFD late last year, Perth’s Make Believe Me have come out swinging early in 2014. The band’s second EP, ‘Disconnect’, which was produced by Roland Lim (Make Them Suffer, Anchored, Temporal), is about to be released (February 21). Keith Gisborne talked with about the big year the group had in 2013 and what’s coming up in the next 12 months.

Hi Keith, how are you?


I’m good man, yourself?


I’m not bad myself, thanks. First things first dude, how was 2013 for Make Believe Me?


Yeah, pretty interesting dude. We were just going through the motions and had just finished recording the EP, then we started getting interest from the guys at Unified, which made us all start to take things a bit more seriously.


So after that big year, how is 2014 looking for you guys?  


It’s all about setting things up and getting ready for the second half of the year really. Just about pushing it all to that next level.


On the 21st of February, you’ll be releasing your new EP, ‘Disconnect’. What has the reception for the EP’s new single ‘Lie To Your Friends’ been like?


Well I haven’t seen anything bad so far, so I suppose that’s always good (laughs). People seem to think it’s a little different from what we’ve done previously, but hopefully it’s close enough so that people can enjoy it.


Right on man. I recently saw that Josh (Smith) from Northlane had said that it reminded him of the early sound The Getaway Plan had.


Yeah! Josh has said a couple of nice things about us before as well, which has been really cool. There’s also been some good traffic around Instagram and Facebook which is cool to see people get hyped about it. Hopefully it’s not just all talk though (laughs).


Hopefully not. You guys worked with Roland Lim of Sync Studios for both the first EP and just recently for ‘Disconnect’, what was the thinking behind using him again?


Yeah, well we decided to bring Roland over again because we have a strange recording process. We don’t track drums, then track bass, then all the vocals, we actually write in the studio, like we just patch everything together and just go for it. He helps a lot with that kind of thing.


Yeah definitely man. What was your favourite part of recording ‘Disconnect’?


Finishing it! We recorded it in our own place so we had like seven to ten people in the house at any given time, so to get the house back to normal afterwards was a relief (laughs). It was just such a massive process so unwinding and appreciating what we had done was pretty nice.


Subjective question I know, but do you feel that ‘Disconnect’ is better, or at least a step up from the first EP?  


I don’t know, that’s a hard one. Like, there were songs that I really like on the first CD and now there are ones I really like from the new one, so that’s a tricky one.


I know it might be a while down the track but are there’s any plans for a debut release?


Yeah. We’ve been writing for the past year, just trying to get a sound that we’re all happy with. So we’ve got some stuff in the works at the moment for recording, even getting vocals done for a few tracks at the moment. Hopefully it won’t be too far off.


That’s really good to hear. With signing to Unified last year, how does it feel to be apart of the UNFD line-up now? Knowing that you’re in with the same crowd as Hand Of Mercy, The Amity Affliction and the like?


We still don’t think it’s real, like someone’s playing a really cool joke on us (laughs). Because we’re from such a small area of WA, it is just really overwhelming.


Oh, definitely. Are there any plans to release another lyric video or even a new music video like ‘Home’?


We’ve actually been talking with the guys who worked on our first video so we can try and set something up for the future. Like we were really happy with how ‘Home’ turned out, so if we can afford it we’ll definitely have something out in the not too distant future.


Are there any big tour plans for Make Believe Me coming up? Or even local support slots for any international tours?


Yeah, like last year we played with Funeral For A Friend and Silverstein, which was pretty cool. We really want to get out to the east coast and go around the county again, but we’ve just got to make sure everything syncs up and hopefully we can take that next step as a band.


Were those two supports the biggest you’ve ever done?


Yeah, those two were pretty awesome. We got to support Funeral For A Friend in our hometown, which was pretty special. Having growing up listening to those dudes, it was really awesome.


Are there any Australian bands or international bands that you’d love to tour with it?


I know most of the guys would freak out if we ever got to tour with Circa Survive and bands in that genre, even newer bands like letlive. That would just be awesome.


letlive. are pretty great live. With the ‘Disconnect’, are there any guest vocals to make an appearance?


Nah, it’s just all of us (laughs). Because we’ve got two vocalists, we’ve only got backing vocals from other members.


Are there any plans to tour outside of Australia? Any opportunities that have presented themselves, or at least, you hope will present themselves?  


South East Asia is looking pretty at the moment. A lot of cool things are happening over and it’d be really cool to get over there at some point.  


Are there any places in Australia that you’d love to tour?


We’re all country boys so any opportunity to play in a new place is always exciting. But at the same time, it’s always really hard to getting something to work. Hopefully with more regional touring in the next couple of years we can see mores and more places form for regularly.


Are there any states or territories in Australia that you haven’t played?


Well we had a few shows at the top of the east coast but they all fell through so it’d be great to get up there. Even the top of WA, it’s just so massive and is as big as some countries so there’s a few places we really want to cover.


Yeah right on man. Make Believe Me have been a band for about three years now, where do you see yourself within the next three years?


I have no idea? It just seems like such a roller coaster lately, like with line-up changes and getting everything in motion, it’s just been crazy. We never really know what we’re gonna be doing six months from now, let alone a year or more.


A lot of of other Australian bands have started bringing in seven and eight strings for a more djent sound, like Prepared Like A Bride and Northlane. Are you guys planning to take a similar direction?


Other than D At Sea, we’re probably one of the softest sounding bands on Unified, so I think we’re pretty happy with six strings at the moment. The others are always playing around with the seven, but we never really go into it with that kind of mindset. We just write and see what happens.


That’s a pretty chilled out way of looking at it.


Well we don’t really like to pigeonhole ourselves because we find it hard to create then.  


Yeah, that’s a good way of looking at it man. Just some more general questions now, are there any Aussie releases you’re really looking forward to this year?


Anything out of the Unified office seems to come out with a massive sense of hype. We’re just as excited for anyone else on our label as it all helps everyone out. And Australian music as a whole, everything’s has started to be taken to the next level so it’s great to see that anyone can make something out of their art now.


Are there any moments throughout the band’s history that has really stuck out for you as a favourite memory of yours?


We played a show in our hometown, we don’t live there now though, in Bunbury and we played a show there one time and it was just wild. The energy was just crazy. Our bass player, who was our guitarist at the time was playing on a pool table (laughs). People were just running around everywhere, it was just insane. Moments like that are just really surreal.  We kind of live for that sort of stuff.


That would’ve been sick. With you guys being from the Perth area, were you sad to see Saviour calling it quits this year?


Yeah, it’s a massive blow. They were one of the main talking points for our kind of music for a very long time. I actually live in Lindsay’s (Saviour, guitarist) old room which is pretty weird (laughs). It’s just a blow for Australian music as they were just on top of their game, just really killing it.


Yeah I agree, it really is a shame to see a band like that go. Well Keith, that’s it man. Thanks so much for your time and good luck with the new EP.


Yeah no worries man, thanks a lot for calling up, see ya.

Pre-order ‘Disconnecthere.

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