Thy Art Is Murder

Thy Art is Murder. The name says it all. Whether it be through their lead-heavy music and dark lyrical themes or their intense live performance, this band is moving forward . caught up with drummer Lee Stanton to talk about their upcoming Soundwave dates, new music and drums.

Thy Art were on some huge tours this year, even Summer Slaughter. How were they?


Pretty surreal. It was so awesome to see such good heavy bands and good turnouts at the shows. 


How did Roman Koester fit in the band as the touring member?


Yeah, he’s been a long time friend of ours so it was good to play some shows with him.


Are you excited to be playing Soudwave, especially with this huge lineup!


Oh, I’m over the moon to be able to see Gojira consecutively.


What are your thoughts on the amount of bands on this bill?


It’s always good to see it being diverse and all. Everyone’s got that gap in the middle of the day where they have no one to see so hopefully we can eliminate that gap.


Can you expand a bit on the diversity?


I think diverse line-ups are good. I mean you have your metal shows, your rock shows but it is good to keep in mind that people like diversity. If the metal stage is getting a bit much, you can always go and see Korn or something on Stage Four.


What’s your take on the more Aussie bands that are getting added to the bill?


It’s always good for exposure and stuff  but one thing I notice overseas is the high demand for Australian bands so it’s good to see Australia start to pop up on the map.


Thy Art must be starting to write some new music soon.


Oh the balls rolling. We’ve got a fair chunk of stuff and it’s a matter of fine tuning but there’s no set time that we hit the studio.


I know it’s a while ago but what was it like working with Will Putney, such a household name?


Oh he’s awesome. Definitely one of the best guys I’ve had the chance to work with. He’s helped us break down signs, fix them up, he’s got a really good vision of how you build and capture everything better.


Any plans to work with him later?


I hope so. Obviously he’s now a good friend of ours and he knows what’s he’s doing.


We’ll talk about your drums for a bit . What kind of drum heads and skins do you like to use?


I use some Evans, G2’s. Clear on the top and reverse on the snare.


What about cymbals?

I’m currently endorsed by Mist Cymbals.


I have to ask, do your feet ever get sore when you use your double kicks?


Not really my feet but if I don’t warm up properly, I get a bad cramp down my shin. It’s all about conditioning really.


The best thing that’s ever happened live?


Well once a chick took off her top and sat on Shaun’s shoulder. That’s was good.


Last statement to the fans and readers.


Anyone coming to Soundwave, come hang out and let’s party.


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