Corpus recently caught up with Corpus, a Sydney-based punk duo that’s been fairly busy as of late. They released their EP, ‘Everything, All at Once, Always’ in June, and they’re preparing to unleash their new split 7" with Sail On! Sail On! in just a few days time. In addition to that, they just finished performing at Warped Tour and are gearing up for the UnFun Fesival this month. We got the chance to discuss all this with the band, as well as their plans for the future.

Hi, Scott from Kill Your Stereo. Thanks for the interview today. As an easy starting point, tell us what’s been happening in the world of Corpus lately?

Hey Scott, thanks. We’ve been absurdly busy over the past few months, writing, recording and organising the release of a Split 7”, playing as many shows as possible, shooting and releasing a video for our new single ‘We Ache Together’ and setting ourselves up for a (hopefully) killer Summer Tour.

One of the big events was Warped over the weekend. How was it playing the festival?

Warped Tour was an amazing, intense experience – I’m still wondering how we succeeded in pulling it off. We somehow managed to sneak a drum kit, PA system, guitar amp etc. in past all the security (and Warped organiser AJ Maddah) and play noisy, chaotic sets between high profile acts such as The Used, Millencolin and New Found Glory three days in a row.

Any favourite acts from the tour?

There are a lot of bands we wanted to see that the stars didn’t align on, however The Used, Tonight Alive and The Amity Affliction killed it every day.

You released your EP ‘Everything, All At Once, Always’ earlier this year, now in retrospect, how did the overall process go?

We’ve been so busy since the release that we haven’t had a chance to think about it, so I guess that’s a good thing (laughs). We are definitely proud of the EP and love playing the songs live. We’re also pretty stoked on the Split 7” we’re releasing this week, and also excited about some of the stuff we’re writing at the moment. I think for us, deadlines stress = creativity.

Were you happy with the release/reception you received?

The reception so far has been great, especially being able to get our stuff out to more radio stations, magazines and blogs. However, the best part for us is mailing EPs and merch out to far-flung corners of the world and knowing that a cow farmer in England or punk kids in Las Vegas have heard our shit.

I hear you are launching your split in an abandoned house in Western Sydney?

“The West Ryde Conservatorium of Punx” is the official name. It’s not exactly an abandoned house but it is a very cool, once-only venue in the depths of suburbia which we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on. We can’t say much until just before the launch (Saturday 7th December) but expect a seedy vibes, a sausage sizzle and noise complaints.

Also expect Oslow and Ted Danson With Wolves, two of the best bands in Sydney.

The UnFun Festival is coming up, what are your thoughts leading into this?

All we can say is what a line-up! Endless Heights, Paper Arms, Super Best Friends, Vices, Harbourer, Sail On! Sail On! (our good mates and tour buddies). I’m going to have to stop before I wet myself.

What routines, if any, do you have before going on stage?

Usually just a frantic rush to get everything set up and making sure our gear is in a semi-functional condition. Then we spend a quiet two minutes thanking ABBA for the music before ripping and ruining our voices and bodies. Keiron usually does some vocals warm ups, I mostly just shout obscenities at him (out of love).

Some easy ones to finish up with:

Favourite album(s) of 2013?

I can never remember what year which albums came out (or even what day of the week it is) but I’m currently listening to the new Daughter album which is pretty solid. The Blackest Beautiful by letlive. was a great release and if Kendrick Lamar put something out this year that is probably on the list as well.

Worst album(s) of 2013?

Did Confession make an album this year? Just playin’, Crafter. We still love you.

Any crazy stories from previous gigs?

Pretty much every part of Warped Tour was a crazy blur, but having Bert from The Used tell the entire crowd to watch us as a personal favour was something else. Talk about pressure! Second to that would be the time we covered the entire set and dressed like the band we were supporting, but we won’t talk about that…

What does the future hold for Corpus?

Once we finish up our Summer Tour we are pushing hard to get a new EP out early next year. We already have some cool plans in the works for that one. Then something…something…Drake collaboration. That’s how the music industry works, right?

Thanks for your time, appreciate it.

Corpus play UnFun ’13. Details here.

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