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Las Vegas outfit Survive This! hope to assert themselves with new album, ‘The Life You’ve Chosen’. With the full-length now in stores, we have a quick chat with guitarist Daniel Ingram to discuss the year, plans for the future and growing up in the desert.

Hey Daniel, thanks for taking a moment for a quick chat. How has the year been for Survive This!?

This year has been very eventful. There have been tons of ups and downs between writing the album, [subsequently] recording the album and our personal lives.

I imagine when a new album drops it must be a good feeling. Talk us through the current feeling within the band?

It is all still very surreal to be honest. We all aren’t quite sure how to express our excitement quite yet, but it will hit us all shortly I’m sure.

Las Vegas, it’s obviously a lot more than desert heat and casinos. What is the lifestyle like for a resident?

Vegas has its perks. Places like the Strip [and so on]. But, to be honest, other than that living here is just like anywhere else…Aside from the heat (laughs).

Talking about how it’s just like anywhere else, what’s the music scene like over there? Is there any divide because Las Vegas, as a town, is a little more isolated?

The music scene here has died down quite a bit. I feel that because Las Vegas is home to so much entertainment the people don’t appreciate the smaller musicians. I think even without it being isolated it would remain the same.

Talk us through what’s it like when you hit the road on tour. This seems to be the point where bands learn the most and decide if it’s the lifestyle for them.

So far it has been a blast. Four of us have been drooling over being able to do this for years on end. There are the downsides to leaving though, and that’s leaving my wife and daughter behind.

Epitaph as a company carries a lot of respect. It’s a reputable label. What has the working relationship been like with those guys so far?

Right off the bat they have been taking care of us so well. Everyone there is insanely friendly and fun to be around, and listening to mostly Epitaph bands growing up its makes it a dream come true to be honest.

A positive of the local scene here in Australia is the friendship and help fellow bands give one other. In your neck of the woods, what has your experience been like being an up and coming band in today’s alternative/heavy music community?

There was a time here when bands helped each other out and stuck their necks out for each other, and I loved it. It is not like that so much any more unfortunately. But, back in the day the local bands would all hang out together, play together and would always be in contact. It was a great experience in our early days and I would love to see it back how it was.

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve encountered since being in a band?

I’d have to say the challenge of pushing on with my band when everything seemed like a lost cause. It was a true struggle for us all at the time.

Might be a hard one to pinpoint, but what was the quintessential record growing up that made you want to become a musician?

I remember playing air guitar to Green Day’s album ‘Dookie’ a lot growing up, so as hard as it is to pinpoint something I’ll have to go with that album. (laughs)

It’s dangerous to look too far into the future, however, ideally where would you like Survive This! to be in let’s say 2 – 3 years time?

Hopefully headlining tours and seeing the entire world…of course (laughs).

Just some easy ones to finish off with:

Favourite album of 2013?

That’s very hard to answer. There have been so many great albums. I will say Demi Lovato takes the win.

Really?! Interesting choice. Each to their own. (laughs)

An album that you consider the biggest letdown of 2013?

I was extremely interested in Panic at the Disco’s newest album, but then the songs weren’t my taste compared to his singles.

Best gig of 2013?

Anaheim, California at Chain Reaction so far.

Best new musical discovery?

The Dirty Loops.. (laughs) great 3 piece band

Essential items to take on tour?

My phone and phone charger, my inhaler (laughs), wet wipes and vitamins.

Favourite song to blare in the tour van?

Last tour it was ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘We Can’t Stop’ by Miley Cyrus. They seemed to be loudest.

Top three artists on the iPod at the moment?

Demi Lovato, Zac Brown Band and Underoath

‘The Life You’ve Chosen’ is out now via Epitaph Records.

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