Scott Kelly

Almost three decades of musical experience, respected and renowned musician Scott Kelly has certainly achieved a lot. Touring Australia next week with his backing band The Road Home, Kelly had a brief, quick-fire chat to before hopping on a plane.

Hey Scott, hope you’re well. You’ll be back in Australia shortly, how is everything coming along for the shows?

Everything is great man. We are getting ready to bring these songs into a new light. It is a whole other trip doing it with these guys [The Road Home]. The layers and dynamic possibilities just seem to expand.

After you’ve toured certain countries a few times, you begin to acquaint yourself with particular things. What things do you look forward to when you return to Australia?

Man, honestly, I kind of keep my head down wherever I go. The thing I really look forward to is seeing the friends that I made the time I was there previously. Maybe I’ll stop by in Perth and visit Bon [Scott’s] statue and get some fish and chips [too].

I know music tastes are always evolving and changing. For someone who has been in the business for a while, do you start to listen to more mellow music, as you get older? Or, is there still a time and place for heavy, abrasive material?

I listen to it all. I am literally all over the place. I still listen to Negative Approach and Discharge regularly. I’ll listen to Rudimentary Peni for breakfast. I am always ready to fall down with some Townes or some Hank sr. or [even] Deep Purple ‘In Rock’, Cro Mags or [even] Curtis Mayfield.

Talk us through what it is like when you hit the road on tour. You’ve been doing this across the years, but this seems to be the point where bands learn the most and decide if it’s the lifestyle for them.

It is comfortable for me – far less responsibility. Touring is easy [for me]. Just show up and play my guitar to people who want to hear me play. Anybody who tells you otherwise is either delusional or lying.

Might be a hard one to pinpoint, but what was the quintessential record growing up that made you want to become a musician?

It wasn’t a record, it was losing my best friend when I was 14. After he died I promised him that I would make a band that would honour his memory. I kept my promise and when I met my brothers in Neurosis we made a choice to never let up, never fuck each other over and never quit. [And] Here I am.

What’s still on the Scott Kelly bucket list?

Seeing some of the world with my family not on tour. I just want to be able to afford that someday and do it.

What’s planned for 2014?

Be the best husband and father that I can be for my family. The Corrections House record comes out shortly so that will be a big part of my years focus. I want to write another set of acoustic songs, start focusing on new Neurosis riffs, structures and visions [too].

Just some easy ones to finish off with:

Favourite album of 2013?

I don’t really pay attention to when stuff comes out so I don’t know to be honest.

An album that you consider the biggest letdown of 2013?

I’d have to give the same response to that of the ‘favourite album’ question.

Best gig of 2013?

The Goddamn Gallows at Muddy Roots 2013

Best new musical discovery?

Same again, the Goddamn Gallows. Fuck, I love that band!

Essential items to take on tour?

Normal shit…Socks, drawers, toothbrush, and so on.

Favourite song to blare in the tour van?

Not ‘Chinese Democracy’ (laughs)

Top three artists on the iPod at the moment?

Dark Buddha Rising
David Bowie
Pinkish Black.

Thanks for the interview Scott, appreciate your time. Look forward to having you play in Melbourne.

Looking forward to being there brother. Thank you for the interest.

Scott Kelly and the Road Home tour this month. Dates and details here.

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