RDGLDGRN have blown up in the past 12 months, having recorded their debut album with the one and only Dave Grohl behind the drum-kit and made their way onto line-ups for the Vans Warped Tour all around the world (including a slot on the upcoming Australian leg). Killyourstereo.com recently got the chance to talk to the band’s guitarist/vocalist, known only as Green about both.

Hey Green, how are you doing this morning?

I’m doing great, how are you?

I’m doing well. Let’s kick straight into it then. You guys play quite a unique style of music. How would you describe it to anyone unfamiliar with the band?

I would describe it as indie gogo (laughs). That’s all I could really describe it as.

What artists would you say are the key influences to that sound?

Key influences for that would be a bunch of guys from the DC area called The Backyard Band. Yeah, that’s it in terms of big influences for that, really.

Last month you guys released your debut self titled album. Do you want to run me through a bit of the writing and recording process of that?

A lot of it was recorded over in our basement, doing a lot of demos and stuff, then we sent it over to Sound City, because our producer knew Dave Grohl, and we got linked up to him, and did drums over the demos. Then we recorded some of the instruments again, but everything was written before we headed over to Sound City.

I’m sure this is a question you get a lot regarding the album, but what was it like getting to work with Dave Grohl as the drummer?

It was horrible (laughs). No, it was a very great experience. Very surreal, ya know? At the time we couldn’t believe it, and we still can’t really believe it. It’s just like, three guys from DC in Northern Virginia, where he’s from, meeting up with him and ending up having him on our songs.

How have you guys found the reception from the album so far?

The reception’s been really good, somehow it’s managed to actually get around the world, and a lot of people who have the album have been saying really great things about it to us.

What are your favourite songs from the album to play live?

The way we set up our live set is basically just really energetic, and it flows very well. I don’t really have a favourite, just anything that flows really well in that environment is good for me.

You guys are coming down to Australia for the first time next month as part of the Vans Warped Tour. How do you feel about that?

We’re very excited, especially [as] it’s going be a hot Australian summer. I’m excited to see what it’s like and I’m excited to be over there and see what Australia’s like. I’ve never been there, so I’m not really sure what to expect, but I’m excited to see what it’s like.

Do you feel as if, having such a unique style of music, you might stand out a bit on the bill? Do you think that’ll work to your advantage?

I think it works both ways a bit, but we’ve had people coming so far, so we’re not particularly worried about it. We’ve definitely found that there’s been a lot of people enjoying it on the US tour.

You guys have played the Warped Tour in the states already, and you’re set to play in both Europe and Australia. How have you found your experience of the festival so far?

It was very organised. That’s the biggest difference to anything else we’ve done. You know, you can sort of expect a similar thing every day with it.

Around the world, Warped is often seen as quite different to other festivals. What is it that you think sets it apart from the rest?

Honestly, how organised it is (laughs). And I guess just a whole bunch of different types of bands playing the one show.

Are there any bands on the lineup in Australia that you’re particularly excited to share the stage with?

There’s a lot of them, particularly the ones we’ve played the US with, since we’ve made so many friends in the other bands on that tour. I’m particularly excited about playing with Yellowcard again, but I think that may be the Europe festival, I’m not 100% sure.

What are some of your favourite bands to have played the tour with so far?

The Story So Far were pretty cool. Man Overboard too. Jen Whitmore, she was pretty cool too. Tonight Alive, and Hands Like Houses from Australia as well. Those guys ruled.

What would be your dream lineup to be a part of?

The Beatles, Tupac, and Rage Against The Machine

What’s your favourite album to have been released this year?

The Red Gold Green album (laughs).

If you could share the stage with any artist in the world, who would it be?


What’s in the pipeline for the foreseeable future for RDGLDGRN?

We’ve got tours in UK and Australia coming up, then we’re going to do another US tour, so that’s what’s coming up immediately.

Any final words for your Australian fans?

Can’t wait to see you all in November.

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