Young Lions

Young Lions are an up and coming Brisbane rock band, formed from previous groups, Amberain and The Dream The Chase. With their debut record ‘Burn’ set for an October 4th release, you can expect to see these guys tearing up stages across the country soon. Having already opened for the likes of Senses Fail and Oh, Sleeper, Young Lions are making waves. Armed with lead vocalist, Zachary Britt (also being in Melbourne based act Dream, On Dreamer), the boys are sure to be making a name for themselves very quickly. talked to guitarist Kyle Morris.

Young Lions is made up of members from two other bands, which band did you come from and what was the transition like into Young Lions.

I was in a band called Amberain who were a local Brisbane band and I played guitar. Basically the transition was when, Morgan, Dan and I, the original members of Amberain recorded an album down in STL Studios with Sonny Truelove. Basically our singer at the time lost interest and left us and that’s when we picked up Zack. He used to be in a band called The Dream the Chase. Basically we sent him the album tracks, they were all done and good to go but with no vocals. So we got him involved, he was pretty keen and so were we. So we finished off the album in June or July last year. From there Matt came on board and that’s how Young Lions was born.


What makes Young Lions different from those other bands?

Firstly, this lot of songs is steered away from the local hardcore and pop singing and tried to go for the more alternate rock feel, something that anybody of any bracket can listen to. The songs are more mature, there’s a lot more emphasis on structure. Basically that’s it. They’re just more mature and more thought out than what we’d done previously.

Tell me about the record, Burn. What was the writing and recording like?

It was a bit of a mess. (Laughs) When we were in Amberain the studio time was already booked at the time. And our guitarist and myself had written the album and he picked up and left and took the album with him. We got Dan, our other guitarist on board and we had two months to write the album and take it down to Sonny’s to record. Dan was writing songs, I was writing songs, basically anyone was writing so we had enough quality songs to take down. We took it down to record  and ended up doing twelve tracks, but only put ten on. And that’s pretty much the story. Zack came down a bit later and did vocals and that was that.


Can fans see a national tour anytime soon for the album?

Yes, very much so. We’re still finalising it all but it will be early next year; [we’re] just trying to figure it out because Zack also plays guitar and sings in Dream, On Dreamer. So we’re just figuring it out like which is the best time for out schedules and what not.


You guys have supported such bands as Oh Sleeper, Sienna Skies, and Senses Fail. What have those shows been like for such a young band?

Oh, surreal. A lot of the bands we’ve been playing with are massive bands we’ve grown up with and have been inspired by so to share a stage with them and meet them and hang out with them is just surreal. It’s something we can’t take for granted so anymore opportunities that come our way well be jumping on them.

Besides the tour, what plans does the band have for 2014?

A lot. We’re booking the calendar right now. Ideally we’re aiming to be writing more punching more demos out and touring a lot more, which we already have been. Yeah, so we’ll do the national tour and hopefully go overseas a bit and from there we’ll do the writing and start it all over again. But we really just want to work out our live shows and nutting out everything we can.


Where do you see Young Lions in five years?

Touring the world with at least another two full lengths under our belt. Personally, I’d love play Warped Tour and Soundwave by then but we’ll see what happens.


We’ll end with some simpler questions, Kyle. What band do you one day want to play with?

I’d have to say Letlive. There a massive inspiration of mine and since the first time I heard Fake History I fell in love with them. I’d heard some earlier stuff but Fake History really sold it for me. They’re an amazing band; everything they do, they’re just a smart band, everything’s thought out. So Letlive. definitely.


What things do you do on your downtime?

When there is some. (laughs) Basically just go down to the beach and hang out with friends. At the moment, I just bought a house so I’m doing all that up so it’s hard to find some down time but when there is some I just like to go down to the beach and have a good time.


Very Australian!

(laughs) Yes, very!


Your favourite song right now?

Most likely, Gotye’s ‘Smoke and Mirrors’.


Your favourite song on the album, Burn?

Defiantly be Burn or Before the Storm.


What things do you do before you go on stage? Like, habits?

Definitely go out and have a bit of a drink and ease the nerves, build myself up a bit. Then I’ll go to my car and get my mind set and ready for the show, I’ll then go and listen to the supports and just get in the right mood, prep’ myself up a bit.


 All right, Kyle, thanks for your time.

Thanks, Matt, have a good one.

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