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After releasing their latest album "Moving Out Of Eden" back in March, Sydney’s The Snowdroppers have hit the road to spread it to as many people as possible. We caught up with the band’s guitarist Paul to discuss the new album ahead of the band’s forthcoming tour with The Screaming Jets in November and December.

Start off by stating your name, your role in The Snowdroppers and your favourite TV show you are watching the moment?

Pauly K, guitar. I don’t really watch TV- but not for any ideological superiority reasons. I love TV but I decided a while ago that I could only afford to have one passive entertainment vice in my life and video games took that spot. I recently got given a PS3 and am very slowly going to work my way through the last few years of gaming history. If I did TV and video games I’d have to either give up music or dump my girlfriend.

You guys dropped your latest album “Moving Out Of Eden” back in March. What has the reception been like to the release so far?

It’s been good, we’ve never gotten much in the way of radio support as a band, which is always going to be limiting, but its slowly getting there I think. People are definitely starting to sing along more with the new songs at shows.

What was the writing and recording process like with this album?

We had a few songs written after (first album) Too Late to Pray, some of which we were playing live, a couple ended up on a vinyl release, but it was all a bit ‘meh’ and we ended up scrapping it. I went on the dole for a few months and wrote a whole bunch of new stuff, which became the bulk of Moving Out of Eden. Then we did some pretty hardcore rehearsing/workshopping as a band figuring out the songs because we knew we couldn’t afford to dick around in the studio.

We got a Welsh producer Richard Jackson who’d done the McClusky/Future of the Left records to come out and we banged it out at Defwolf studios in Redfern in about 2 weeks.

Do you feel it was an easier experience this time around being your second album? Or did it come with a bit of added pressure?

I felt a lot more confident this time round in terms of song writing, playing, producing. I think the first album we were relying more on other people’s opinions for assurance perhaps. There was definitely still pressure due to time/money constraints.

What was it like working with ABC Music for the release of the new album?

It was pretty easy. No real hassles there.

Do you have a favourite song of the album? If so, why that song?

I don’t have a clear favourite. I think Excavating is my favourite one lyrically. It also didn’t take very long to write which was a change.

Would you say the band’s live show has changed much since the release of the album? Have the new songs added a breath of fresh air into the set?

Yeah it’s just easier having more songs to choose from. The new songs were brought into the live stable mostly as they were written – We’d been playing Excavating for quite some time before the album was recorded. Juliette was the last one to make it into live rotation.

Do you have a favourite city in Australia to play in?

I’d have to say hometown Sydney – we like as big a crowd as possible.

Is international touring on the cards for the band once again now that the new material has been out there for a bit?

Well we’ve never done much of it – a couple shows in USA and a week of shit gigs in New Caledonia – oh and we did New Zealand once too. We’re all really keen to do more next year though for sure.

Who are some bands that have impressed you lately that we should be checking out?

I really haven’t had much of chance lately to see anything new! The support bands have been good these last few shows, The Strums, Captives.

Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve with this band that you haven’t had the chance to do yet?

We’d like to have a proper crack at some overseas markets. Do some world travelling. Unless you’re in like the top 1% it’s pretty much impossible to make a living as an originals band only playing in Australia.

What is your fondest memory that you have with this band?

Ha! Pick one memory from 7 years – my mind’s a blank. Just recently I finally got a guitar endorsement (Godin) – so that’s satisfied my teenage self’s criteria of musical success.

What are the band’s plans for the rest of 2013?

Writing album number 3. We’re doing a tour supporting the Screaming Jets in November and December, which will pretty much take us to the end of the year live gig wise.

Thanks for doing the interview, any last words or shout outs?

Be excellent to each other.

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