Brisbane-based post-hardcore outfit Dollarosa have been gaining more and more attention since the release of their debut EP ‘The Never Ending Unfamiliar’ one year ago. Recently they released a new single featuring Story of the Year vocalist Dan Marsala. Even more recently, caught up with lead singer Lachlan Dann to discuss the recording experience, the band’s influences and what it was like supporting Senses Fail.

G’day guys, Scott from KYS. Thanks for the doing the interview.

Thanks for having us.

Just to get the ball rolling, you supported Senses Fail recently. Tell us about that?

It was an honour to share the stage with an old favorite like Senses fail. Extremely nice guys who have their ear firmly planted to the ground and genuinely love music and supporting the local artists they play with. We have had a really good year so far and have also had the chance to support Funeral For A Friend, Hawthorne Heights, Relient K, and we are about an hour away from stepping on stage supporting Flyleaf at The HiFi!

Things are certainly taking off for the band. You had Story of the Year’s Dan Marsala feature on a recent single. How did that initially come about?

Create Destroy was a song that you could say was never really finished when we originally released it on our debut EP. There was a little gap that was always meant to be filled by someone, but due to timing constraints, we just had to get it out. We got onto Dan and showed him the track, he came back with a couple of ideas and tracked his parts in the US. When everything was done, the track finally felt whole. It’s something we are very proud of and can’t thank Dan enough for his support and the work he put in. We never thought that a little band from Brisbane would be able to work with such an amazing, talented and handsome man.

What was the recording experience like for the band this time around?

We decided to track with Loose Stones, who have tracked some of our favourite Australian artists like Dead Letter Circus. We were taken care of in a big way and any band that has ever moved through that studio knows that once you record there, you are basically family to them from then on, whether you like it or not haha. The experience alone was worth its weight in gold and taught us a lot about ourselves.

What are some of the themes/concepts you’ve explored specifically on the EP?

Not many people know this, but everything from the lyrics, the melodies, the artwork and even the movement and placement of songs, it’s all part of a story. We never wanted to put it out as a concept EP, some bands do it and it comes off a little cheesy, but we did make it easy to tell that there was a definite story flowing through it. I love to hear others interpretation of it rather than push my own. Sometime soon I will have to sit down and give everyone my own rendition of the story.

It’s always a tough one to pick from, but what has been the most memorable story from being in a band so far?

Being able to share this journey with my best mates, getting to create new memorable moments every day. Travelling and playing with four of the best dudes that you could ever ask to be stuck in a van with.

What are some of your influences as a band? Additionally, maybe some surprising influences you might have that aren’t necessarily punk, rock, hardcore etc.

As a band, we have common influences that span from Thrice, Underoath, Circa Survive, Story of the Year, Dead Letter Circus and more. But as individuals, we all listen to some pretty different stuff. Some of us are into The xx, Mutemath, Frank Sinatra, even Kimbra and Regina Spektor.

What artists would you like to share the stage with?

We just love playing live, it doesn’t matter where or who with. But if we ever got the chance to play with Thrice, Story of the year or Letlive you can be sure that it will be a show to watch.

Out of the bands you’ve already played with, who’s been the most fun to play alongside?

Flyleaf and Senses Fail have been amazing. You can tell that both bands have such a love music and local artists.

Being in a band can take up most of the time, but what keeps the mind busy and you entertained outside of music?

I work with graphic content a lot and love filming, photography and design. I love being creative and getting to work with other bands and do a lot of poster and merch designs for locals.

What’s next for Dollarosa?

We are aiming pretty high and believe that you have to these days. We want to tour Australia again soon and then try our hand overseas.

And just some easy ones to finish off with:
What would be your ultimate venue to play?

The Tivoli in Brisbane is such a lovely venue, and that would definitely be on the list. But hey, who wouldn’t love playing a big open festival.

Favourite album of 2013?

That’s a hard one, so much great music has come out this year! letlive. are probably the hardest to beat though.

Worst album of 2013?

No such thing as a bad album, sometimes what the artist is trying to project just doesn’t connect with where you are in life. But then there’s Falling In Reverse…who knows what the hell they were trying to project.

Most essential item to take on tour?

Phone charger. You don’t ever want to be the guy that forgets it.

Favourite song to blare in the tour van?

4 Non Blondes – What’s Up.

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