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Killyourstereo.com sits down with Falling In Reverse drummer, Ryan Seaman. We discuss everything from the band’s new album, Fashionably Late to Frontman Ronnie Radke’s new daughter Willow and even his favourite movie quote.

Hey Ryan, how are you going?

I’m great thanks, I have just finished a photo shoot and now I am back at my apartment. Busy day living the life I guess (laughs).

Fashionably Late has just been released, how’s the feeling in the Falling In Reverse camp at the moment?

The feeling is great that it has finally come out and we can’t wait to start playing live shows on the back of it.

Lots of fans have ben waiting for this album for awhile. Was there a different approach or inspiration between writing and recording ‘Fashionably Late’ compared to ‘The Drug In Me Is You’?

Well Ronnie really wanted to try something new, he didn’t want to make the same record again. More so, he wanted to experiment with different soundsand genres. I really think he nailed it. We have a collection of songs we feel will please the fans so we kind of filled the whole spectrum.

It’s certainly a diverse sounding album, which I’m sure a lot of poeple weren’t expecting from you.
I mean there is a bit of hardcore, rap and even pop punk elements. So what is your favourite track off the album?

Right now I’d have to say it’s ‘Born To Lead’. It’s a fun and aggresive track and it keeps me on my toes. It puts me to work that’s for sure. Ronnie and I split up the screaming in this song so while I am playing I wear this head set and I kind of look like Madonna wearing it, but I scream with it on and that is challenging. I just really have to be aware of what is going on.

I watched the Roxy Live show for the album release of ‘Fashionably Late’ and I remember hearing Ronnie say before you played ‘Champion’ something like, "Now this is a really hard song to play and sing so bare with us". Was that one of the toughest moments performing a song like that for the first time with thousands of people watching online?

Oh yeah. We were actually trying to figure out where to put that song in the set. It’s just so fast. I’m doing blast beats, singing parts and there’s just so much going on. Ronnie does 3 different vocal lines, so when you rap you use a different part of your voice, when you scream you use another different part of your voice and ofcourse when you just sing it’s different again so there is a lot going on. As time goes by it’ll be easier. It’s just good to try something new and challenging.

Did you lend vocals on the recording of the album?

No, it was all Ronnie. There was a conversation that was had between Ronnie and the co-producer and they came to the agreement it would be Ronnie. We contributed to the harmonies a bit, but all the screaming and main singing is all Ronnie.

His screaming is pretty full on especially in ‘Champion’. When he’s not screaming in it he is also rapping and singing, that was pretty crazy to hear. How was that Roxy show?

It’s always weird playing a show at 2:30pm in the afternoon, so it went as well as it could have. We did the stream for everybody around the world to check it out and I hadn’t played the Roxy in a long time so it was just fun to be there again. We also had some friends out and lots of our fans too so it was all very intimate and everyone was just awesome.

So there’s a new member of Falling In Reverse in the way of Ronnie’s new daughter, how’s she going?

Yeah, he had his baby girl a couple of weeks ago and her name is Willow.

Have you had the opportunity to see her yet?

I haven’t yet actually. I’m hoping I get the chance to see little Willow soon though.

Do you think Ronnie will call you Uncle Ryan? (laughs)

Absolutely (laughs). Well my girlfriend and I bought her a onesie and on the front it says "I love Daddy" and the heart around it is in the shape of a strawberry. I also got her little shoes that match this sunflower dress that I got her too. Ronnie said to me that they are the best gifts he has received  for his child yet, so that made me feel good that I got it right at least.

On the album Jackie’s guitar playing is incredible. Is there anything this kid can’t do?

I know it’s fucking retarded right? It’s funny because on ‘Born To Lead’ one of his shredding heroes is Rusty Cooley and he lent his services on this track. So he and Jackie actually traded off flight solos in that song. I feel jackie out did himself this time, it’s just so fast. All his heroes he could’ve hoped to meet or get recognition from have reached out to him. I’m just really excited and stoked for Jackie.

He’s certainly one to keep an eye out for. Whats the plans over the next couple of months for you guys?

Ronnie is going to be busy being a new Dad so we want to make sure he is in a good head space with his child because growing up without his Mum was hard and he just wants to be the best parent possible. It’s just important that he’s there for the first couple of months during the babies life, just so there’s both parents there to support at such an early stage. We will probably try and tour in the fall, maybe do some festivals. We will be back out there as soon as possible.

What are the chances of you guys hitting Australian shores?

I’m going to say I hope it happens soon. I just want to hold a Koala and see a Kangaroo too (laughs).

Do all the Australian things?

It’s probably like for you guys when you come to America you’ll want to go to Disneyland or something like that. I’m just looking forward to the time when we do get down.

Well we hope you can do whatever you can to make this happen as soon as possible so we can see you.

Oh my god man you have no idea. I’ve only been to the UK twice and that was with my old band. We’ve only just toured the states over and over again. So we are trying so hard to go everywhere. So when I know, you’ll know (laughs).

That’s great to hear. Heres the last question for you Ryan. Whats your favourite movie quote and from what movie?

I’m so bad at these questions so im going to say the stupidest one I could possibly say. I’m going to go with Dumb & Dumber where he goes "I thought the Rocky Mountains would be a little rockier than this", and where I think Geoff says, "yeah that John denver is full of shit". That’s probably my favourite quote.

I love that movie it’s a classic. Well thanks for taking the time to chat with myself and Killyourstereo readers. We hope to see Falling In Reverse in Australia sometime in the foreseeable future.

Thank you Simon and hopefully we will get to meet some day. Take care.

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