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You have probably heard the name ‘This Century’ being thrown around a lot lately. If you haven’t you will as the group have a brand new record coming out. Known for their singles and EP releases, caught up with guitarist Sean Silverman to chat about the new LP.

What can you tell us about the new album?

It’s the summer jam. But in all seriousness, it’s our most complete record that we’ve put together and an upbeat, dancing number at that.

Was there anything different about the way you approached the recording process or the actual creative process itself compared to past releases?

We recorded this record in three different phases over the course of a year. This was incredibly different from any recording we’d ever done. For once we were actually given the luxury of time which can sometimes be a dangerous game because without deadlines, ideas (both good and bad) tend to wander way further than you would normally go. It was good for us though to flex some writing muscles that we’d never really used before.

Were there any major influences, musical or other, which may have affected the sound of this record?

We were listening to a lot of dance music and early 80s pop. We really wanted to have a heavy synth presence on this new record since it was something we’d been experimenting with for quite some time and never really had the opportunity to do so.

You guys have a stack of EP/Single releases, do you prefer these to full length records or is it more of a time/cost thing?

It was more of a "figuring out where the heck the band was going" sort of thing (laughs)…we’ve always been one of those bands with incredibly eclectic tastes and so figuring out what our "sound" was had been difficult at times. Instead of running wild in one direction, we released songs in different sorts of genres to kind of get it out of our system and try new things.

You have an impressive tour resume, what is the one experience that sticks out as your tour life highlight so far?

I can remember doing the Good Charlotte tour and meeting those guys for the first time. It was incredibly nerve wracking for many of us because we grew up listening to them and now here we were sharing the same stage. I distinctly remember our first sound check on that run and thinking to myself that I hope I don’t fuck up and then they pinch me and I realise it was all one big sort of dream state.

If you had to say the band fit into a “scene,” which would it be? Do scenes even exist anymore from your point of view?

People are always going to niche us up into some grouping of bands that have a pop sound…thats just part of the way things go. It’s easier for people to create associations and categorise things to have a better understanding of where you’re coming from. I think we lean more on the "pop, alternative, punk" scene if there was even such a thing.

Considering the current state of the music industry do you feel it is necessary to have some sort of release gimmick these days which doubles as an illegal download prevention?

In some ways the current state of the industry has forced bands to really think outside the box when it comes to their releases. I don’t think of it as much of a gimmick as it is a unique way to present the medium that you’re in. Also, I think the fans come to expect a new experience with each record. Now that physical copies have lost a bit of their luster, finding these new ways to display your music become part of the experience of enjoying the band.

What should fans expect from the live show with the new material and is an Australian tour on the cards?

The live show will definitely be the most entertaining, interactive, diverse show we’ve ever put on…we definitely would love to come to Australia in the very near future, plans are in the works.

What does the rest of this year and 2014 hold for the band?

We’re going to play this new record in front of as many people as humanly possible (or until our arms fall off, whichever is first)..also watch out for new tours, music vids, etc. this year!

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