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After a successful run of US shows, New Zealand heavy-hitters Antagonist A.D return to our shores this month as part of the ‘Destroy Music’ tour. briefly caught up with frontman Sam Crocker recently to discuss the year so far and the touring ahead.

G’day, Sam, thanks for chatting with us today. How have your maiden US shows been?

It has been awesome. Playing places we’d never thought we’d make and meeting cool people…eating good food [too]. New England Metal Hardcore fest was wild.

What’s the biggest and most significant things you’ve observed from touring a country like the US?

A few things – Texas, some of the people…Trucks, carbonated drink sizes (laughs).

Obviously we are excited to be a part of the presents package for the Destroy Music tour. A good line-up. What are your thoughts going into this?

We keep talking about how wild the shows are going to be. It is such a solid line up, which we are stoked and certainly feel lucky to be apart of it.

You’re really getting a good insight into what it is like being a full-time band. US then back home then over to Australia before jetting off to Europe. How are you finding the touring workload?

The touring workload is all the same after you settle into it. It just hits repeat and you can go on forever. I guess it’s only hard for some people. It’s not for everyone. There’s a lot of uncertainty some times and some cold nights. But, it’s the best experience to see the world with your friends playing the music you love alongside other bands and people with the same mindsets.

Love the new video clip for ‘Paul Allen’. Who came up with the concept behind that?

I did. I came up with it on the plane on our way back from Australia last time. The concept/reference of the song has a lot of reference to American Psycho so it was only natural to try and pay homage. It was really ambitious project and we managed to do what would have been a $7-10,000 video for just under $1000. We were really lucky to have someone like Joe Hitchcock – our Director – to come on board and help me refine the concept and ideas.

Once touring has finished, what’s the window looking like for writing and recording?

We are writing for a new album at the moment actually. We are demoing a lot of songs and playing with some new ideas. We will be doing that for the rest of the year.

A lot more international bands are making the trip over to New Zealand now. What’s the New Zealand hardcore scene like currently?

It’s pretty small to be honest. We just lost a staple venue, VOID in Hamilton. So there is some rebuilding to do. But, places like Christchurch in the south island are starting to pick up and like I said it’s small – but the people that come really support the scene.

Which bands – local and/or international – are setting the pace in 2013 with impressive albums?

The new Terror album is really good. Pure Love is amazing. I can’t wait for the new Twitching Tongues album to come out. Sydney’s Relentless are going to become a household name in worldwide hardcore. I can’t wait to hear new stuff from Warbrain as well. The new Bring Me the Horizon is good as is the new one from The Story So Far.

What’s the thing you most look forward to when coming back to Australia?

Everything. The food, our friends…the vibe. I love it over there.

Just some easy ones to finish off with:

Stuck on a deserted island, what are three albums you’d like to have with you?

Rancid – ‘2000’
Millencolin – ‘Pennybridge Pioneers’
Lana Del Rey – ‘Born To Die’

One song you wished you performed on?

I’d like to have been in the video clip for ‘Blue Jeans’ with Lana Del Rey.

Meal of choice on the road?

At the moment it’s Taco Bell (laughs). But, usually it is bananas and coffee.

One song you’ll die a happy man if you never have to hear again?

Anything by Pearl Jam or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Favourite song to blare in the tour van?

Millencolin – ‘No Cigar’

Worst CD ever purchased?

Ricky Bobby. Although I didn’t pay for it but yeah…(laughs).

Any final words you wanted to pass onto readers?

Thanks for reading and make sure you come say hi to us at Destroy Music. We’ll be hanging by the merch desk and walking around. Don’t be shy.

Thanks for the interview Sam, really appreciate it.

Destroy Music tour dates here.

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