The Amity Affliction

They are a band currently re-shaping possibilities for heavy music in Australia. A number one charting album and a host of sold-out shows in 2012, The Amity Affliction are at the top of their game. caught up with bassist Ahren Stringer before the band took the stage for Push Over to have a brief, quick fire chat.

Hey, Ahren thanks for doing the interview today, how are you?

Very hung over (laughs).

Last time we spoke to you guys you were preparing for your Australian tour and US run of shows. How have you pulled up? How were the shows?

The Australian tour sold out – it was mental. We had so much fun and made some great new friends in the Ghost Inside and Architects.

And how has 2013 treated yourself and the band so far?

Incredible. We just finished the Soundwave tour and are about to do Groovin’ the Moo – with Tegan and Sara! And then after that we head off to the US for our first ever Warped Tour.

Another accolade that has come your way since the last interview we did with Amity – ‘Chasing Ghosts’ debuting at #1 on the ARIA charts. What did that mean to you?

It was an amazing feeling…a really great accomplishment for all of us.

You’ve played big club shows, big festivals. Now you’ve got Push Over. What’s the mood like going into the performance?

I guess it’s like any show really, [but] maybe a little more exciting. In turn it gives you more energy I guess from feeding off the crowd.

The Triple J Hottest 100 was released recently and also the top 200. Amity got a look in I see. Were there any artists on that list you were just scratching your head and thinking, “really?! Why the hell did they make the cut?”

I honestly took no notice. I asked our manager if we made it in and he said no (laughs). That’s about it.

What’s the rest of 2013 got in store for the band?

Relentless touring, writing, and demoing…possibly recording.

I saw a picture of you guys rocking Oakland A’s caps before a show in California last year. And I know I’ve seen some Baltimore Orioles merch fashioned in the band. I don’t know if you saw the Twitter discussion between Jose Canseco and Every Time I Die recently, and Canseco wanting to collaborate with the band. If you could pick any baseball player (or sport star for that matter) to guest on an Amity track, who would it be?

Our new friend Travis Blackly from the Oakland A’s. He has always wanted to be in a band and can actually scream.

 photo TB1_zpsc225e0fe.jpg

Just some easy and quick ones here to complete things:

Top three party jams?

‘What is Love’ – Haddaway

‘Out of Touch’ – Hall and Oates

‘My World’ – Iggy Azalea

One song you’ll die a happy man if you never hear again?

The O’Brien jingle.

One album you can’t get enough of on the iPod at the moment?

Bring Me the Horizon – ‘Can You Feel My Heart’.

Most annoying trend in heavy music?

Bands that smear that black shit on themselves.

AFL or NRL? And which team?

Neither. I hate football but Port Power because I know Cornesy (laughs).

Any final words you want to pass onto readers?

Fuck the police!

(laughs) Ok then. Thanks for the chat Ahren, really appreciate it.

No worries, thank you.

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