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Unwritten Law are no strangers to Australian shores having been here a multitude of times including playing Soundwave, their latest visit sees them touring with Suicidal Tendencies and Finnish insanity merchants The Dudesons for what should be one of the more exciting tours of the summer. We caught up with singer Scott Russo for a quick chat about everything that’s been going on with Unwritten Law in recent times.

So how’s things for Unwritten Law?

It’s going well man, we just got done with a seven week tour here in the United States about 8 days ago and we’ll be coming to Australia in about 6 days so we’re getting it done.

Nice, are you excited about coming to Australia?

Fuck yeah, fucking love Australia.

So what can people expect from the live shows when you come?

Fucking chaos you know every show is kind of temperamental and you never really know what you’re going to get but we’re generally putting it down pretty hard you know.

Excited to be playing with Suicidal Tendencies?

Yeah that’s going to be dope and The Dudesons, it’s not a band it’s like this crazy thing like Jackass, it’s like them but they’re from Finland. It’s gnarlier than Jackass, they’re crazy so I’m probably as interested as you are to know what they’re going to do, I’m looking forward to that, I mean Suicidal Tendencies obviously but The Dudesons that’s going to be some trippy shit I’m sure.

So what’s been happening for Unwritten Law over the last few years?

Well we we’re in the middle of a five year hiatus before we released Swan last year, we put that record together and started touring again. We did Warped Tour, we did Soundwave last year, an American Tour, Japanese tour but yeah just putting it down. 

Is anything that’s been a highlight over the last few years?

You know what, without sucking up, soundwave was genuinely a definite highlight. It was amazing to come to Australia and play in front of that many people. Other than that I love going to Japan, Japan is dope. Playing the US is kind of hard sometimes, I kind of wish it was more like Australia where everything is on the coast, you know what I’m saying, it gets brutal when you get to the middle of the country and you know some people are idiots and the temperature is fucked and whatever.

What made you guys decide to come to Australia again?

We’ve been to a million times and you know the Australian fans are really receptive to us and it’s reciprocated, we love coming down there and that’s about it.

So what’s been inspiring and influencing you guys in over the years?

I’ve been in Unwritten Law for 22 years and when I started playing music it was like Bad Religion and The Misfits and Bad Brains you know what I’m saying but I guess growing up my real influences were like The Beatles and Buddy Holly just stuff that my parents would play for me you know that definitely had an influence on how I craft songs for sure but when I came to start doing stuff with Unwritten Law I was into first wave American punk bands.

So what does the future hold for you guys?

This is what we’re going to do, we’re going to come to Australia around Christmas and New Years and then we are going to record an acoustic record of back catalogue stuff. We’ll probably do another world tour to support that, like an acoustic tour and that’s all that’s on the books right now.

So you guys are interested in the acoustic side of things?

Well we did a live acoustic record actually is was on MTV and it was pretty well received but it was all done live and so what I’d like to do is to play acoustic and go on and make it studio worthy, record it and make it sound classic and dope and also use some more of the new catalogue as well.

Well all the best with the tour and everything that’s going on Unwritten Law.

Thanks man, appreciate it take care.

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