After The Fall

After The Fall are a reenergised band. It’s a DIY mentality now for the Central Coast rockers. With new album ‘Bittersweet’ due out soon and a run of shows on the horizon, KYS caught up with guitarist Mark Warner for a brief, quickfire chat recently.

G’day mate, Kane from Killyourstereo. How’s it going? Thanks for doing the interview.

G’day. All good here, I’m just sneaking this in on my lunch break.

It must be a real exciting time in camp After The Fall at the moment – almost a renewing feeling. The album is being prepared for release and a tour coming up. How are things with yourself and the band at the moment?

It’s better than last time around for sure. I’m confident in the record we have made and more importantly I’m confident we can live up to it live. So shit is good.

A press release I read about your upcoming album/tour states, After the Fall are “confident in their direction and discretion.” I know it’s hard to state briefly, but can you give the readers an insight into the upcoming album? What should we be expecting?

I guess for me the mindset was to keep it short, sharp and concise – with a big serving of dumb. I think we nailed that so I’m pleased. It is way less spaced out than the last album ([In] Exile) and way more aggressive.

There seems to be some personal themes and inspirations behind the release. ‘Bittersweet’ is a strong title that denotes good and bad events. What kind of events, whether recent or in the past, have shaped and made the band what it is today?

I guess this album is 100% us – funded, produced, written etc., where in the past at every step there has been outside interest and influence…basically, we had no one to answer to except ourselves; so it’s totally unfiltered.

And, what keeps a band like After The Fall motivated after all these years?

suspended adolescence and free beer.

What’s the emphasis going forward into 2013?

Play some shows, get nude…and have fun.

Has it become easier or harder to be sufficient as a band across your career?

Do you mean financially sufficient? Because, I guess as now we are a DIY operation our budgets and costs are way lower so recouping what we have spent is not as daunting – but as far as drawing any kind of wage more than some kind of Christmas bonus…Forget about it.

What musical styles or directions have captured your interest lately?

I’m pretty open to most things except white funk and bad metal. I fucking love the Pet Shop Boys but that’s not really new music? I guess if it’s good and connects with me I like it…I’m not really concerned if it fits in a genre or clique.

And on the flipside, what’s something about the local music scene you’d like to see improved?

All round less camo.

Just some easy ones to finish off with,

Favourite albums of 2012?

Trash Talk’s – ‘119’ is fucking rad. The new Something for Kate [album] has reignited my love for all things [Paul] Dempsey. The new Bat for Lashes also makes me feel nice.

One album you wished you performed on?

I’m not good enough to even play on our records (laughs). But, if I was really good I wouldn’t mind blazing some whack solo on Carcass – ‘Swansong.’

One song you hope you never have to hear again?

Tainted Love [by, Soft Cell].

AFL or NRL? And, which team?

I don’t know anything about either to be honest. I guess AFL as it’s less rapey and the dudes are hotter?

Lastly, any final words for the Killyourstereo readers?

Get in the Pit.

Thanks for your time, really appreciate it Mark.

No stress.

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