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Wednesday 13 is the reason that horror punk is still relevant today. In his 20 year career the workaholic rocker has been the driving force behind a host of awesome bands, including of course the iconic Murderdolls. Since 2005 Wednesday and his band have pumped out six killer studio albums, with number seven ‘The Dixie Dead’ just around the corner. After slaying Australian audiences at Soundwave earlier this year, Wednesday is making his return to our shores next week for a brief run of east-coast shows as part of his ‘Spook and Destroy’ tour. Stopping in with Killyourstereo was Wednesday himself, check out what he had to say!

Wednesday, how are you man?

Hey man, I’m good thanks. What time is it over there?

It’s 11:40am in Melbourne buddy.

Oh it’s like 6:40 in night over here, so you’re pretty much in the future?

Yeah I suppose. Was great seeing you on Soundwave earlier this year, did you enjoy yourself?

Always man. It’s one of those tours where you could not even be playing and still have the time of your life. It’s great I got to do it two years in a row, with Murderdolls in 2011.

Australia has actually had a pretty good run from you mate, you’re back in Australia very soon and that will make four times in three years! That’s more than a lot of Australian bands tour here!

Yeah and the cool thing is that before that I hadn’t been to Australia since 2005. I was itching to get back to Australia and I suppose sometimes you really get what you ask for. It’s a good thing because Australia is one of my favourite places to tour. The energy that we have been getting on these past two tours has been unbelievable.

Do you notice a different level of energy in different states or is it pretty similar across the board?

In Australia every city has been great, but it does seem that everywhere I go there seems to be one city that seems to be that little bit more energetic, people just go that little bit crazier. In the UK it’s Manchester and in Australia I’d say it would be Melbourne. I don’t know what it is but every time we come down the people from Melbourne seem to go that little bit crazier. Like I said though, all the cities are awesome.

Fair enough. While you were over here for Soundwave you were part of a few epic sideshows with Marilyn Manson, Coal Chamber and Motionless In White. In particular I suppose it would be cool for you sharing stages with Manson?

Yeah that was actually the first time I had ever met and spoken to Manson as a musician. Even when he was featuring in one of our Muderdolls videos I wasn’t there at the time. I had met him as a fan years ago when he first came out, in the mid 90’s or something. We got on really well and played some cool shows together so that was great.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give to an aspiring musician?

With so many musicians pushing their music as hard as they possibly can, if you want any chance at all you have to really be in it for the long haul. Music has to be your main priority, and it is tough. If you’re going to do it, do it right and do it with people who are just as passionate as you are. Raw talent and luck isn’t enough, hard work is the key.

Let’s talk new material man, we’ve just seen the release of your new Spook and Destroy EP, what can you tell us about it?

It’s essentially a tour EP, to give fans a little something to tide them over until we release our new album which we just finished recording. It’s got two new songs and some re-recordings of some old songs, it’s a cool little package.

Cool, talk us through the new album?

It’s probably my favourite thing that I have ever recorded. It’s super heavy, it’s awesome, I suppose it’s a bit of a return back to the stuff I wrote on the first Wednesday 13 record. It’s called The Dixie Dead and it will be out early 2013.

Awesome to hear! When you’re not touring you seem to be always pumping out new material, do you ever get a chance to chill out?

[Laughs] Yes and no. Whenever you see a little gap in my touring schedule, that’s my chill out time. I watch a lot of tv and dvds when I’m not on tour. That’s chilling out for me.

Any news on Murderdolls at all mate? Obviously you and Joey both have a bit on and will for quite some time, but can you see it happening again?

Before we released that record in 2010 we really had no clue that it was ever going to happen again. It was awesome while it lasted but we always knew it was only a matter of time before we would have to return to our regular jobs. It’s one of those things where I don’t know if it’s going to happen again, I won’t say never because I said never last time.

To you, what’s the most important quality in good music?

I personally like, and try to create catchy music. I think a good song should be memorable and get stuck in your head. You don’t want it to be annoying but you want people to love it and play it over and over again and sing along to it.

Any upcoming talent that’s caught your eye?

Yes, there’s a new band I like a lot called The Biters. They’re not on a major label or anything but they have a few records out and they’re great.

Thanks a lot for the chat Wednesday, anything you’d like to say to your Aussie fans?

Thanks for making Soundwave awesome and hope to see you on the Spook and Destroy tour, right before Halloween!

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