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Melbourne grindcore veterans Blood Duster have been on the scene longer than some of you have been alive. With albums like ‘Cunt’ and `Fisting the Dead…Again’, they aren’t the subtlest bunch of dudes, but then again they never set out to be. We caught up with bassist Jason P.C ahead of their headlining shows on Bastardfest.

G’day, can we start with your name, what you play in Blood Duster and the last time you lied to get out of doing something really shitty?

Jason P.C. I play bass and organise things. The last time I lied was saying the bins were put out when they weren’t, simply so I didn’t have to get out of bed to do it.

What’s been happening in camp Blood Duster lately? You guys planning any new material/releases? You’ve been kinda quiet if I’m not wrong.

Well, we haven’t released anything for a few years for various reasons… but we have got an album that will be coming out before Bastardfest called KVLT. We will have details about this on our website in the coming few weeks. It should be interesting to see it finally come out.

You’ve been thrashing since ’91. So, what’s kept Blood Duster together all these years? You still got the passion to thrash?

No, we don’t have a passion for anything other than amusing ourselves – I think that’s why we have managed to stick around. We’ve never really had goals so we’ve never really suffered disappointment for not reaching them.

Best/worst thing that’s ever happened at a Blood Duster show?

Too much shit. There have been tons of injuries, tons of nudity and tons of nude injuries. People eating glass, people throwing glass, fights, fucking… you name it over the last 20 plus years we’ve seen it all. Shit dude, we are Blood Duster.

What’s the deal with you guys and The Day Everything Became Nothing? Are you just good mates or something?

Tony (Forde, Blood Duster vocalist) sings for them and I’ve recorded them a few times. We’re in Melbourne and we’re both heavy bands, so we have to be some kind of mates. Tony is more matey than most of us as he has to hang with ‘em. I would avoid them more if I could.

If you could kill someone and get away with it, would you do it?

Yeah, sure. I’m in a metal band, why wouldn’t I?

Who are some local bands you’re digging at the moment and think we should check out?

The Kills new album will fucking destroy all in its path, make sure you check it out. It’s fucking brutal as.

You guys seem to have a bit of a cult following. Do you get the same dudes showing up to your shows over and over or is it a real mix?

Meh, it’s a mix, depends where we play. Obviously.

What do your parents and friends think about Blood Duster? Do they get it? Does your mum play Cunt at dinner parties and stuff?

Dude, I’m nearly 40, why the fuck would I give a shit about what my mum thinks?

What do you think about mainstream metal? Like, do you listen to bands that play Soundwave and stuff?

Sure, if the bands are good I’ll listen to ‘em, but I don’t just listen to something because it’s metal, I listen to things if they are good. Metal plays a very small part in that decision, but if the band is shit I have no trouble saying it though.

You run into Justin Bieber in a dark alleyway… what happens next?

I say, “Hi Justin, good to meet you”. Then I would ask if he knows the way to a well lit street.

Does Melbourne have a good grindcore scene?

Yes sir, yes it does.

What are some of your favourite Melbourne venues?

The Tote for smaller shows and the Forum for bigger shows.

What do you do for a crust outside of Blood Duster?

I record, master and produce other bands at my studio, Goatsound (

You’re playing Bastardfest: are shows like these better because there are more bands or do you prefer your own headline shows?

I would probably prefer to do my own shows simply because we can do whatever the fuck we want, but Bastardfest is a good excuse for us to hang around a bunch of bands that we like, get drunk with them and then tell them they are shit.

Anything special planned for Bastardfest?

Nope, just Blood Duster, that should be special enough for everyone.

Any parting words of advice for KYS?

Nope, you seem to be doing okay as far as I can tell, although your album of the year poll eats some ass. Does everyone who visits your website have the worst taste ever?

We’ll let the users decide that.


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