It’s been a good year for Sydney heavy-hardcore five piece Aftermath. Their debut EP "Disbeliever" dropped early in 2011 and was backed up by impressive touring hours, including shows with The Amity Affliction and Deez Nuts. With plans for relentless touring and another release in 2012, we spoke to drummer and resident edge warrrior Benji Jacobs to talk about mosh metal, camo and nudity.

For the record, tell us your name, what you play in Aftermath and your favourite edge anthem of all time?

My name’s Benji and I play drums in Aftermath. As for edge anthems i couldn’t pick a favourite of all time, but i’d have to say Third Strike’s album "Tempest" is all up one of the toughest, most intelligent edge releases out.

How would you describe Aftermath to someone who hasn’t heard you guys before?

Downtuned, fast, bouncy mosh metal. Dig out your ’07 camo kits and hit da pit.

Can you tell us a bit about how the band came together?

The boys had all played together in bands before cause they all grew up round the same area. Aftermath was a relatively new project and when the old drummer bailed after their first couple of shows in early 2010 I jumped in and that’s the been the current line up to date!

You guys have just done a few shows down in Victoria and South Australia. How’d those shows go?

Yeah the shows were really good! The boys were all just so stoked to be out on the road alongside some of our best mates doing what we love. Special shout out would have to go to the kids at Mt. Gambier but, those kids fucking set it off!

So far, Aftermath has performed with your pals in Shinto Katana and Relentless, as well as massive acts like The Amity Affliction and Deez Nuts. What’s the best show you’ve ever played?

My favourite would have to be Amity last year at Centenary Hall in Albion Park. We hadn’t played a heap of shows by that point but kids went mental! Definitely one to remember for me personally.

How do crowds in smaller towns across the country respond to you guys as opposed to kids at home in Sydney?

It’s probably too tricky to make such a general call in that regards. However, I’ve definitely got the impression from some of the scenes in the smaller towns that the kids are the type of people who would hear that your band is coming down and make a concerted effort to go listen to your songs and learn all your lyrics before the show, just so they can get stuck into your set. It’s pretty fucking rad!!

I assume you guys get up to plenty of mischief when you’re on the road. Any funny stories we should know about?

There’s too many to tell! Any time we see our guitarist Reece naked is always a right laugh but haha.

Obviously it’s a while ago now, but Aftermath recorded your debut EP “Disbeliever” early this year with Roman from The Red Shore who also did your demo. How was it working with such a prolific figure in Australian heavy music?

Working with Roman is awesome. The dude’s been playing guitar longer than I’ve been alive so to have someone of that experience’s input not only into the production but also in the writing process is absolutely invaluable.

Has the band got any new material in the works for another release? Where would you record for your next CD?

Yeah we’ve got another EP in the works and we’re set to hook up with Shane at Electric Sun in February. Absolutely itching to get in there and start tracking already!

Your single “Lies” came out recently and managed to top the iTunes metal charts just after Korn featuring Skrillex. How’d you bros manage that?

To tell you the truth man I have no idea haha. We were absolutely honoured and so very humbled by all the support. To everyone who bought it, thank you so much!

With 2011 coming to a close, what does next year hold for Aftermath?

Hitting the studio, getting the new EP out ASAP, regular shows and hopefully hitting as many states, cities and towns as possible. See ya’ll in 2012!

Cheers for your time Benji, any final thoughts or shout outs?

Big shout out to our new mates in Northlane. Had the privilege of watching them four nights in a row this last trip and they’d have to be hands down one of the tightest live sets going round. If you haven’t already copped "Discoveries", get on it and support one of the hardest working bands currently in Australia!

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