Fast, hard-hitting and groovy, Bristol’s Turbowolf are bringing back rock n roll in style. Since forming in 2008 the band has repeatedly found themselves tearing up the stages of just about every major European festival from Download to Sonisphere. Having released their eponymous debut album in November via Hassle Records, we checked in with vocalist Chris Georgiadis to find out about everything that is Turbowolf.

Hey man, for the record please tell us your name, what you play in Turbowolf and the best album you’ve heard this year?

I’m Chris and I sing in the band Turbowolf. Album wise I’ve been so caught up in making our first record that I haven’t really listened to anything new this year. I really like the Pulled Apart By Horses album, but that came out last year. Either I’m out of touch or the touch I’m either.

Can you tell us a bit about how the band decided to get together?

We all knew each other for years and jammed in some of the same bands that shared band members. It was a fairly natural process of playing with a bunch of different people until the current line-up kind of just stuck.

How would you describe Turbowolf in 25 words or less? 

Psychedelic punk-rock for a future that has done away with war and is now into disco dancing with the same intensity.

Your self-titled debut has just been released via Hassle Records. How have you found responses from fans or critics to the material?

People in general seem to dig it. We’re happy with it and if just one other person is into it then it’s all been worth it. We don’t take much notice of reviews really, but overall it seems to have gone down well.

What can audiences expect from a Turbowolf live show?

Riffs. Grooviness. Pounding rhythms. Fun. Loudness.

Last year you had the pleasure of touring with Korn and Dimmu Borgir which is absolutely huge. What were the highlights of that tour for you guys?

Hanging out with the Dimmu Borgir dudes was great. Their crew and everyone involved with them were a pleasure to tour with. The catering on the tour was just some of the best food with ever eaten. That was pretty cool.

You’ve managed to get on some amazing festival bills being a fairly new band. What’s your secret?

Ha! I don’t know. Ask the promoters that book us. I guess we must be alright at playing music live or something.

The band calls Bristol home, a city which is obviously known as a massive musical and cultural hub in the UK. What’s the scene for heavier music like there?

Not sure really. There are a bunch of bands that we like and sometimes play with in Bristol, but we spend so much of our time writing and touring that we don’t get to go out that much. Check out The Big Naturals, Gouranga, Scarlet Rascal & The Train Wreck, and Kutosis. They are some local bands that we’ve played with recently and are good.

Word has it you’re working on more videos with Stephen Agnew who did the “A Rose For The Crows” clip. Can you divulge any details of what they’ll be like?

Yeah you can see the results now! He did the video for our latest single called "Read & Write". Go to YouTube and watch it! It’s fun.

Am I right in saying you guys are planning an EP release next? How’s that coming along?

There will be some new stuff soon enough. Not sure what form it will take but yeah probably something new before the next album. Something unexpected maybe…

Do you dudes have any plans to head over to Australia at any point?

We would love to. As soon as someone gives us a plane ticket we’ll be there.

What does 2012 hold for Turbowolf?

Touring, writing, festivals, recording, negotiating, planning, achieving.

Thanks for your time dude!

Thank you! Can’t wait to come over to Australia!

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