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While Australian metal fans may currently be unfamiliar with the name Boris the Blade, chances are this won’t be the case for long. With an impressive debut EP just released and the band’s first run of shows completed, Boris the Blade appear set to fill a void in the local death metal scene. KYS caught up with the group’s frontman Daniel Sharp late last week to discuss recent musical developments.

G’day mate, Kane from Killyourstereo. How’s it going? Just to get things started for our readers could you please state your name, role in the band and your most overrated album of 2011.
I’m good thanks. My name’s Daniel aka ‘Sharpy’, I do vocals in Boris the Blade (and) Machine Head’s new album (‘Unto the Locust’) for sure.
‘Tides of Damnation’ officially hits Australian music retailers this week. And with a run of upcoming local shows on the horizon, I can imagine things must be going well in camp Boris the Blade at the moment?
The hype and response has been amazing. It is good to see there is a strong under 18’s heavy music scene in Australia (as well).
Does it feel like a relief to finally get that debut EP out for listeners to hear and now you can just focus on supporting the release and growing your fan base through playing shows?

For sure. Josh, Coby and myself started the idea of Boris the Blade nearly two years ago. It is really good just to be on stage and not in a rehearsal room.
And for those who may just be acquainting themselves with Boris the Blade can you give us a brief insight into the background and musical influences of the band.
It is hard to say what are the main musical influence’s for the band. Josh wrote the E.P pretty much on his own. He is the encyclopaedia of death metal bands (laughs). We wanted to make a heavy as fuck band but still keep the songs not confusing to listen to. I think a lot of death metal bands over complicate things.
Complex Studios has become a bit of a mecca for Australian metal recordings recently. One thing that I noticed from listening to the EP was the solid production work. Can you tell us how recording the album went? Was it a smooth journey or like most recordings did it have it’s own difficulties?
We actually went to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast to record the E.P at RTD Studios with Matt Shorter. He did our good friends Signal the Firing Squad’s album and we all wanted a holiday away from Melbourne (and) recording the E.P on the Sunshine Coast; right on the beach was an amazing week away. Recording went very well. I blew my voice trying to do screams that I wouldn’t normally do live or I would tear my throat to shreds. Doing only six tracks we had a lot of time to perfect each and every riff as well as even dropping in word by word in some sections when recording the vocals to make them sound strong and finish tight.
I must admit i’m looking forward to seeing you guys support All Shall Perish at the Corner Hotel. That performance slot seems like a good fit for the band.

For sure. I’ve always been a huge fan of them and am very keen to show them what us Aussies can do.
And in terms of 2012, does the band have any plans in place yet? Obviously the EP has just been released and you’ve scored a spot on Push Over next March but do envisage next year filled with touring or are there plans to work on possibly a full-length?
Hopefully (we’ll) do an east coast run of Aussie dates in February/early March. We are doing an Indonesian tour in April, which I am hanging for. I never realised how huge the death metal under age scene is over there. Other than that, we are just taking it as it comes. We are getting heaps of emails about shows. (But we) just don’t want to over play the Australian market. Hopefully we can go visit our UK label for some dates next year as well. We will write an album in January. I’m really keen to hear what Roman and Josh can come up with in the guitar section of the band, being a Red Shore fan myself it’s pretty exciting, which (the forthcoming full-length) will be recorded at Complex Studios.
And on the topic of labels and recording, the partnership with Siege of Amida in the UK and RTD Records locally seems to be working well. How are those label relationships going?
Really good. It is amazing to be on a label that has given so many really big bands their first break such as one of my favourite bands Whitechapel. We also signed to Matt Shorter’s new label RTD records and Rocket for our Australian and New Zealand release.
You had CJ from Thy Art Is Murder and Kyson from Signal the Firing Squad feature on the EP. It seems to me that heavy music is Australia is really enjoying a camaraderie between bands in the sense that because it’s almost DIY in approach, local bands are always willing to help each other out. Do you have an opinion on the current Australian metal scene?
I really think Australian bands need to come together and work as a team when it comes to building a scene. I have made so many good friends already and it’s good to see bands not being big headed or arrogant and keen to lend a hand. The current Australian metal scene is good but seems to be dropping off. This is why I think under age shows are very important to keep new fans coming into the scene. As well as bigger bands going out of their way to play rural venues and not just major cities.
And before we let you go, just some quick ones to finish off with,
Favourite album of 2011?

Aversions Crown – ‘Servitude’
Favourite film of 2011?

The Fighter
If you could tour with any three bands, who would they be?
Whitechapel, Oceano and King Conquer. And Australian bands – Signal the Firing Squad, Thy Art is Murder and Aversions Crown.

Worst current trend(s) in music?

Keyboard and synth.
And finally, any last words you’d like to share with the Killyourstereo readers.
Please check out Come to a show (and) buy merch online so we can afford to come to your town. Support Australian music!
Thanks for the interview Sharpy, look forward to seeing you guys live.    

Fans can read Killyourstereo‘s review of EP ‘Tides of Damnationhere.

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