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Creepy horror punk legend Wednesday 13 never sits still for too long. After a series of solo releases and hard touring from 2005, Wednesday jumped back behind the helm of the Muderdolls alongside Joey Jordison in 2009 and releases highly popular album ‘Women And Children Last.’ With the re-energised Muderdolls project back on the shelf indefinitely, Wednesday has just released his 5th solo album ‘Calling All Corpses.’ With the new album under his belt, Wednesday is ready to do it all again and is making his way to Australia in March as part of Soundwave Festival. He recently stopped by Killyourstereo to tell us all about it.

Wednesday, how are you man?

Yeah good man, how you doing.

Yeah good. How have you enjoyed the first few shows of the tour?

Well we’re just getting started really, there’s been a couple of long drives which has been annoying but yeah, good so far.

The crowd enjoying the new songs?

Yeah they’re translating really well live, which is great.

Speaking of, loving the new record ‘Calling All Corpses’ . What sort of feedback have you been getting?

Everything’s been really good with the new record so far. I try to keep up with my fans on all the social networks like Facebook and Twitter and all the feedback has been great so far.

The Ramones spin-off ‘I Wanna Be Cremated’ is a lot of fun, where did that idea come from?

It’s something I’ve always kinda done, I like taking songs and changing a few words around, making them funnier or whatever. When I was writing down song titles for the record, that just popped into my head and it made me laugh, that’s usually when I know it’s a good title for a Wednesday 13 song.

The last Murderdolls album was written over a long time and had a lot of leftover material, did any of that find it’s way onto this new album?

No actually. Everything from Calling All Corpses was written for Calling All Corpses. It was written and recorded all within a month with completely fresh ideas.

You’ve recently been announced for Soundwave 2012, are you looking forward to another year with Soundwave?

Yeah absolutely. We were actually going to be on the first announcement but we knew we were still playing it and fans were like ‘we really thought you were going to be on it’ and we just had to say ‘yeah, so did we.’ We’re stoked to be honest, playing this year with Muderdolls and 2012 with Wednesday 13. Yeah, super excited.

On Murderdolls, obviously both you and Joey are both back with your respective projects at present time, did your renewed time enjoy your time together as Murderdolls? Can we expect more in the future?

Yeah it was fun to get back with Joey and restart the Murderdolls and play some shows and do other cool shit, it’s something I didn’t even expect to happen. To do an awesome album and spend a year touring it was pretty damn cool. Then again, at the end of the day Slipknot will always be Joey’s main priority and Wednesday has been my main priority for years now as well. If Muderdolls happens again, it happens, but it was fun while it lasted and we will just have to see what happens for the future.

Can we expect Soundwave sideshows from you this time around?

We’re hoping so, but right now they’re still working on confirming on all the bands I think. Whether we’ll do our own shows or support one of the other cool bands I’m not sure, but yeah i don’t like to sit still for too long. Too many days off and we seem to get ourselves in trouble.

Cool, who are some of the bands you’re looking forward to hanging out with?

Their are so many bands playing that I’m really good friends with, Lamb Of God, Hatebreed, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, it’s going to be like Summer Camp with all my friends. I’m really stoked to see Manson again, he’s a really cool artist and i haven’t seen him in a while so I’m interested to see what his show is like.

With Slipknot on the bill, is there any chance of Joey getting up on stage for a few songs?

Who knows, anything’s possible. I don’t know how busy it will all be, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

This makes three years in a row we’ve seen you in Australia which is awesome. Do you actually get a break from it all?

[Laughs] Summer was all the time off I need for a while. I finished the record way quicker than I thought it was going to so my whole summer kinda opened. Now I’ll be on the road for at least a year straight. I’m already tired looking at my schedule, but I’ll make it work.

I saw Murderdolls at the start of this year both at Melbourne Soundwave and the Sidewave the night before, and both days had drastically different costumes. Do you change up constumes quite a bit on a tour?

Oh right, I painted myself black on a few of the Soundwave shows. It’s something I like to do occasionally, particularly if I have to play in daylight. If I can’t make it dark outside, I’ll just make myself as dark as possible and make myself look like some creepy tribesman.

Over the years you’ve played with countless groups of talented musicians, but if you were to put together a supergroup of any musicians, alive or dead, who would they be?

Obviously you would have Alice Cooper on vocals, Ace Frehley on guitar, someone from the original Alice Cooper band like Neal Smith on drums, Chip Z’nuff from Enuff Z’nuff on bass and I couldn’t not play with the band so I’d throw myself in there as well.

What would you call the band?

I would call the band the Ex-boogiemen.

Your music has always been synonymous with horror imagery and film, how closely do you think the worlds of music and film are actually related?

I think it goes hand to hand for me. Instead of writing horrible movies, I write songs that could be horrible movies. In the big picture I think the whole atmosphere of a film is created with music, so yeah it’s pretty hand in hand.

What’s the strangest interview question you’ve ever been asked?

I’ve been asked everything. I could say the most annoying question is definitely "what is your favourite horror movie." I have said it a million times, I get asked it every day. It’s probably also my most asked question.

Any Australian food/drink your keen to revisit come Soundwave?

Well we don’t have Hungry Jacks here, so it’s always my favourite airport food.

Thanks a lot for your time and seeya in March!

Cool man, thank you.

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