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The Amity Affliction are one of the most exciting band’s to come out of Australia in recent years. Twelve months after releasing their second studio full length, Youngbloods, they are still selling out shows all over Australia. Early next month the boys will be heading off on their third Australian tour for the year, the Fuck The Reaper tour as well as rereleasing a deluxe version of Youngbloods. Vocalist Joel Birch took some time out to have a chat about the tour, the album and everything else that has been happening in the last 12 months for The Amity Affliction.

Hi there, thanks for chatting with Kill Your Stereo.

That’s alright, no problem.

To help all our readers out, could you start by introducing yourself, what you do in The Amity Affliction?

I’m Joel and I sing.

You guys are just about to release a deluxe repackage of Youngbloods. What inspired the idea to rerelease the CD with the added footage?

I don’t know, we just had a bunch of footage and we weren’t putting it towards anything else so we thought we’d put it towards a making of disc. I guess for us it is just a chance to get the liner notes out there as a package instead of having to search for them, I guess.

You are also about to embark on the Fuck The Reaper tour? Did you expect the tour to get the reception it has?

It’s always pretty surprising, but I mean, I don’t know, you never get used to it I guess. There is always a lot of anticipation while waiting for the tickets to come out, it’s been a while but it’s pretty awesome and we are all really psyched to get back on the road again.

Does it surprise you that no matter how many tours you play the shows keep selling out?

Yep, definitely. This is the third tour for the year, so it’s pretty crazy. I don’t think it’s going to happen like this for a while, that’s for sure.

You will be taking Asking Alexandria and Skyway along for the ride. Are you guys excited by the lineup?

Pretty excited about taking Skyway out. They are just mates of ours, have been for a while, and they’ve got a new record coming out, come out actually, and it’s a cracker so they were sort of an obvious choice and Asking Alexandria have just taken us on tour over in the UK so this tour is like repaying a favour.

Which show are you most excited to play on the tour?

I don’t know, Brisbane and Sydney actually, because I haven’t been to either venue before, so that’ll be good. It doesn’t happen that often anymore that we get to play a new venue, so that’ll be pretty fun.

Since the original release of Youngbloods, the band has really taken off. What has been the biggest highlight of the last 12 months?

That keeps changing as time progresses. I mean obviously America was awesome, we had been there to record but we didn’t really get to see shit, especially for Ahren. Ahren is yet to see anything at all because he had to be there for every day of recording but I don’t know. It’s like we did that then we came home and we did Soundwave and that’s a highlight and then we played with Prom Queen and that’s a highlight. I don’t know, it’s a pretty good life so it makes it hard to just pinpoint one thing.

What about the biggest struggle you guys have faced? Does it get hard being on the road for so long?

Yeah, definitely, everyone gets pretty depressed and shitty after a few months on the road but then you stop touring and you get excited to tour again. It’s just one big revolving emotional rollercoaster.

What does the next 12 months hold for The Amity Affliction?

Lots and lots of touring, recording a new record and then more touring. Just a lot more of them same (laughs).

What does it feel like touring in countries where the album has only been out for a small amount of time?

Well we have toured overseas a couple of times where the album hasn’t been out at all so (laughs), it’ll be pretty good to just have it out full stop.

What is the progress with the new album like?

Well we will be recording sometime next year, hopefully.

Amity recently won QMusic Award for Most Popular Group in Queensland. What did that feel like?

Yeah, I actually didn’t know anything about it until I walked into Troy’s little studio and he showed me the award but, I don’t know, it’s pretty weird. I don’t know what it means, if it means anything. It’s just odd.

Being on tour so much, what are the five albums that get the most play while on the road?

Shit, hey Ahren, what do you reckon the five albums that get the most play while we are on the road are? I don’t know about the whole album but there was one Nicki Minaj song we heard about 100 times while we were in America. (Asks band) which song was that? Blazing? Yeah, I don’t know, we listen to a bunch of shit but whatever the top shit is on the charts that is usually going to get a flogging and I don’t know. We listen to heaps of punk from the 90s and that’s kind of it. It’s like pop and the no fun at all, just lot’s of stuff from the 90’s. it just depends, everyone has got their different tastes in music.

What have you guys been getting up to recently? What has the last few weeks been like for The Amity Affliction with the tour coming up?

We have been jamming, we just finished a photo shoot and now we are off to another photo shoot and interviews all day and then some more jamming and then jam tomorrow and then actually start playing shows again which is going to be pretty cool.

How long has the break been for you guys?

We have been off for two or three months, probably around two and a half months. It feels like fucking ages though.

What have you guys been getting up to in your time off? Getting used to normal life again?

No, not really (laughs). I just sort of draw and body board and Ahren draws and skates and yeah I don’t really know (asks Ryan) What do you do Ryan? I don’t even know what Ryan does with his down time. He drinks milk, he drinks lots of milk. Trad is still doing his thing in the clubs and Troy is recording bands. Obviously Clint’s off with The Getaway Plan now so he hasn’t really had a normal life in the last 12 months.

You are a quick interview, we have already gone through all my questions.


Thanks for taking some time out to chat, is there anything else you wanted to add?

Fuck the reaper!

Nice way to finish, enjoy the rest of your day.

You too, bye bye.

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