Hailing from two states and featuring ex-members of various familiar local acts including The War and Strength Through Purity, newly formed mosh merchants Deceiver are already attracting their fair share of hype across the country. With the band’s debut self-titled album dropping on October 14 through Dogfight Records, we caught up with front man Mitch Love to see what’s going on in the world of Deceiver.

Hey man, please start out by telling us your name, what you play in Deceiver and the best album you’ve heard in 2011?

I’m Mitch, I sing for the band and the best album I have heard this year is a hard as fuck one. I would say "Mosh and Roll" by Bury Your Dead, Bruso makes mosh so much better!

For those who haven’t heard you dudes before, how would you describe Deceiver?

I would say we are a combination of a band you can stand at the back of a venue and bounce your head up and down to. And a band you can listen to while you are on your way to sort out some business with a dude who has been hitting on your girl!

Obviously you dudes have all been in bands in the past, how did you decide to get together and do Deceiver?

The band really started when i was tattooing Jake, our drummer, one day. We were talking about doing a heavy band with no bullshit, just heavy riffs. So we contacted our good mates Dane and Laif and we started writing. The band started jamming straight away and the sound of Deceiver was born.

The band is releasing your debut, self-titled album next month. What was the writing and recording process like for the record?

The writing process was interesting haha. Because we are all fairly strong-headed dudes one of us would get an idea in our heads and it would be fights to the death about each and every riff! I remember one day Laif played a riff and Jake goes "nope sucks", then he heard the song recorded in Laif’s car and he fully backed the song. We did all the songs with Sam Sal for pre-production then recorded the album with Matt Shorter from RTD studios on the Sunshine Coast. We took about five days for the record and we are all super pumped on it.

How have you found responses to the material from the album from fans thus far?

We sent the tracks to Trent and Pilks, and Trent called me straight away and said "okay i didnt expect it to be like this" haha. We have shown a few dudes the record and it’s all been nothing but positive stuff. I dont think people thought that Matt would do such a good job with the recording. We havent had one bad thing said about it to us yet so again we are super siked to get it out!

You guys played with For The Fallen Dreams at the Shed on the Gold Coast just recently. How’d that show go?

Show was really good, we played early and kids rocked up to watch us which was a good thing. I really think kids are just wanting to grab our CD because we have nothing to give them. We only have the demo so I think they are just waiting for the CD to finally drop. But the show was good, great vibe.

Deceiver are set to join some awesome bands like Shotpointblank, Shinto Katana and Relentless at Takedown Fest in Sydney in October. What are you expecting from that show?

We are expecting to be playing with some awesome Australian talent. I’ve seen those bands grow so much over the last couple years and I am glad Deceiver gets the chance to play along side them. I guess we sound a lot different to the bands on the bill except the mosh riff element that us and shinto share, so we pretty much have to step our game up and show Sydney how we do it.

What five records would Deceiver’s tour van stereo thrash the most when on tour?

Hahaha fuck I dunno if I should actually admit to this but okay: Linkin Park – "Meteora", Korn – "Follow The Leader", Bury Your Dead – "Beauty And The Breakdown", Relentless – "Set In Stone", Millencollin – "Penny Bridge Pioneers".

Aside from the release of “Deceiver”, what does the rest of the year hold for the band?

We are gonna be busy pushing the CD through each state of the country. So everyone should look out for dates in their town!

Thanks for your time dude, any final thoughts or shout outs?

Shout outs to everyone who has supported this band in any way. Trent, Pilks, Weber, Mitszal and Strikehard! And the #moshnation!

Cheers for your time man.

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