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Ohio’s Attack Attack! have certainly had their fair share of controversy in the last few years. Now with two full-length releases under their belts, the band has recently re-released their sophomore self-titled album and is set to begin on their next. As Attack Attack! headline the legendary Warped Tour over in the US, guitarist Andrew Whiting was kind enough to answer some quick questions.

Hey dude, please start out by telling us your name, what you play in Attack Attack! and the best band you’ve seen this year?

Andrew Whiting and I play guitar. The best live band I’ve seen this year is easily August Burns Red, they are so tight musically – it’s truly remarkable.

You guys are currently headlining the iconic Vans Warped Tour. How’s that going for you? Any highlights so far?

The tour is nothing short of fantastic, I couldn’t ask for anything more. We’re honoured to be one of the many bands on the main stage.

Attack Attack!’s sound is fairly eclectic. What bands or artists would you say have influenced you most?

I know Wetzel is really into Incubus, but I enjoy harder music myself like Meshuggah. Or Dylon, Dylon, Dylon and Dylon.

You’ve just reissued your 2010 self-titled album with a bunch of bonus tracks. What made you decide to put out a release like that?

We wanted to give the fans an opportunity to see where we were looking to go musically without committing a full album to one direction. It was all about experimentation.

The band recorded the two new tracks with John Feldman. What was it like working with him?

Feldman is a brilliant man and everything he touches turns to gold. And we hope we are no exemption to that rule.

Do those songs hint at what your next record might sound like? What can fans expect from your next album?

We’re gonna put out the heaviest shit you’ve ever heard in your life. We’re gonna find 8 string guitars, cover them in goats blood and record chaos.

Because of the band’s onstage moves you’ve been deemed by many as ‘crabcore’. Is that a title that you embrace?

Omitted for the sole reason that I’ve answered it slightly less then a million times. Honestly though, it was a joke that got huge for us back in 2008 and got us some notoriety, so we’re ok with it.

Attack Attack! toured Australia last September with your friends in Pierce The Veil and local boys Dream On, Dreamer. What were the highlights of that tour for your guys?

Its always great to get to play in a new country and meet so many new fans. Austrailia was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to get back there.

Does the band have any plans to return down under anytime soon?

Hopefully next year.

Your song titles are often pretty weird. How do you usually come up with them?

They’re all inside jokes that we have with each other, we just try to think of things that will make us laugh to ourselves.

What five records tend to get thrashed the most on the van’s stereo when the band is on the road?

1. Meshuggah – Obzen
2. ACDC – Back in Black
3. Gucci Mayne – The State vs. Rodrick Davis
4. Ludacris – Word of Mouf
5. Nelly – Nellyville

Thanks a bunch for your time dude.

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  1. Elan

    “Honestly though, it was a joke that got huge for us back in 2008 and got us some notoriety, so we’re ok with it.” = “We thought it looked fucking cool to do choreographed stage moves, but everyone called us faggots cuz of it, so now we act like we were “totally joking guys, c’mon…”

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