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Florida boys There For Tomorrow have been building quite a name for themselves since their increasingly popular release A Little Faster, hitting our shores at Soundwave Festival earlier this year. Drummer Chris Kamrada took some time from the band’s busy tour schedule to talk to us about There For Tomorrow and their brand new album, The Verge.

Cheers for chatting with Killyourstereo! Start off by stating your name and your role in There For Tomorrow.

My names Chris Kamrada, I cover the drumming duties in There For Tomorrow.

You guys recently rocked Australia on the Soundwave Tour. Did you enjoy the Aussie festival experience?

Yes, earlier this year we were lucky enough to be apart of Soundwave Festival. It was our first time coming to Australia & we had heard amazing things about the fest. The line up was massive & all the shows we’re a huge success for us. I feel like we created a lot of new fans & just had the time of our lives. Being apart of Soundwave was sorta like being apart of a big "band vacation". Can’t wait to come back.

Your new album The Verge is set to be released soon, tell us a little about it. How will it differ from A Little Faster?

Our new album ‘The Verge’ is hitting stores on June 28th here in North America! (I’m not positive on the Australia release date) This album is big growth for the band, we really discovered ourselves as individuals & musicians while touring on "ALF" so making this new cd was a whole new ball game. We worked with Michael "Elvis" Baskette & he helped us find our strengths in songwriting & live performances. All of the songs were written in 7 days in the live room at his studio, we wanted to capture a moment & not "nit pick" on every little part. This is by far the most proud I’ve ever been of the music we’ve created! It’s a good change from what we sounded like when we were younger & the sound of TFT is defined on ‘The Verge’.

Have you been touring with the new songs yet? How has the reception from fans been?

Yeah we’ve been playing new songs live! We actually played 4 news songs live on Soundwave & the reactions we’re honestly the best of our entire set. So I guess that’s a good sign!

What is your favourite There For Tomorrow song to play live?

Currently, my favourite TFT song to play live is a new one called "Nowhere BLVD." because the drums have a different pulse compared to any of our others! It’s my favourite song on the new album as well. It’s a banger. 😀

What has been your favourite tour memory with There For Tomorrow?

One of my favourite tour memories was this year & it took place in Amsterdam on our Euro tour w/ Siverstein! That city is quite unique & needless to say we had a good time.

What bands did you grow up listening to, and who are you influenced by?

I’m influenced by so much music but that bands that inspired me to pick up drums we’re Thrice, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, Linkin Park & obviously Blink! The first time I heard "Kill Me Quickly" by Thrice I knew that I wanted to make music that made others feel the way it made me feel.

How did There For Tomorrow originally come about as a band?

I started jamming with Jay & Maika when were young! We got signed to a local label & had a record when we were 13 called "Point Of Origin". We started learning a lot about being a band & the industry at a young age. Throughout high school we started to take everything much more seriously & that turned into us bringing Christian Climer into the band. We knew the band was complete & the first song we wrote together was "Wrong Way To Hide". Soon after that we went in & recorded the Pages EP & that’s when all the label shopping started. Things started to pick up quickly after that & we signed to Hopeless Records fresh out of high school. The rest is history!

What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t playing music?

If I wasn’t in the band I would have probably just gone to college somewhere in Florida, but one thing I know is I couldn’t live without music. It’s the only thing that keeps me sane & I crave the feeling of performing live. I’ll always be drumming & doing my thing.

Any last words for your Australian fans?

Thank you so much to any Australian fans that came to support TFT on Soundwave this year. WE WILL BE BACK! So pick up ‘The Verge’ when it drops & learn every word cause it’s the future for us. Stay tuned in: THEREFORTOMORROW.COM // FACEBOOK.COM/THEREFORTOMORROW // @THEREFORTMRW

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