Turnover have just released their debut self-titled EP through Broken Rim Records, they are one of the many outstanding acts tackling the pop punk/emo crossover genre which seems to be growing more and more after each year. We caught up with bassist Danny to discuss the new record, touring and the history of Turnover.

To get things started can you state your name, your respective instrument in Turnover and your most anticipated release for this year?

My name is Danny, I play bass. I was really looking forward to the Manchester Orchestra album and that turned out amazing. The Story So Far also just put out an LP that is really great. I think that is being released in a week or so.

Seeing as Turnover aren’t very familiar to KYS can you please give us a brief rundown of the bands history?

Well, Turnover started in 2009. They spent a few months writing the original EP and then went and got that recorded. After that they spent a while playing local shows. Sometime during the summer of 2010 I joined the band and we finished up writing the current EP. We recorded the S/T in February of 2011 and put it out on our own at first. About a month after having it on Bandcamp Kyle Tedesco from Broken Rim asked to put out under their label and we agreed. Now we’re about to go out on our first tour.

What genre of music do you consider your material to be, who are your major influences?

I’d say we’re Alternative/Emo/Punk. Everyone in the band is influenced by different things but I’m really into bands like Braid, Knapsack, Mineral, and Gods Reflex. Other bands that have influence us as a whole would be Lifetime, Jawbreaker, Saves the Day and stuff like that.

So only recently this year you released your self-titled debut EP, how has the feedback been since being in stores?

We never thought the S/T would take off the way it did. We knew it was a lot better than the original EP by a lot but never in a million years did we think it’d get the hype it got. We’re really happy with how things have been going.

This was released under independent upcoming label Broken Rim Records, what made you decide to sign with Broken Rim?

To be honest we never really planned on this being release through a label. We figured since we put it out on our own labels wouldn’t be interested in re-releasing it again. Kyle contacted us and was really into what we were doing and really eager to help us. He was such a nice, helpful guy that we really could refuse. We are glad he got in touch with us though. I don’t think things would be running as smoothly if he wasn’t helping.

Who did you choose to work with in the studio this time around?

We went to The Monster House in Waldorf, Maryland where Mike Bridgett recorded, mixed and mastered everything. He’s a really great guy and I’d recommend going to him if you play in a band that’s starting up and need quality recordings.

What was the writing and recording process like for the EP, did the process differ from your demo?

Yes, we didn’t rush the process like we did for the demo and we took a lot more time finding where we really wanted to do the record. The actual recording process was similar but this time we worked until we got it perfect.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

We’ve departed from the really happy poppy sound we had and have gone for a more emo sound.

There seem to be a large amount of young musicians forming bands these days, how old exactly are you all?

I’m 18. Austin turned 19 yesterday. Alex turned 17 yesterday. Casey is 17. Kyle is 18.

I saw that Broken Rim has pressed your EP on vinyl, which I am a big fan of, do you feel like more and more kids are starting to pick up on vinyl in the states?

Definitely. Within the last few months I’ve watched a lot of kids locally get really into collecting vinyl. As a record collector I think it’s really awesome to see younger kids in the scene getting into it.

This is a general question I ask most bands but what is your opinion on the current pop punk/hardcore scene in the states?

I think both of these scenes are always present but they seem to always be going in and out. Right now hardcore and pop punk are both really getting popular again but in a year metalcore could be the coolest thing in the world. It’s weird how quick a band’s popularity can die out. Hopefully pop punk and hardcore stay on the top for a while.

Do any of you guys have musical projects outside of Turnover?

We’re all pretty focused on just Turnover right now. Alex and I might be starting up a hardcore band after our tours this summer but that’s still up in the air.

What has been your favourite show you have played and attended this year?

We played with Title Fight and Balance and Composure in November and around 500 kids came out. That show was really awesome. I’ve gone to a lot of shows this year but I’d have to say h2o was my favorite.

If you could share the stage with any band you wanted in the near future, who you would you choose?

Toby Keith, Beach Boys, or Daughtry.

Is there any new material being written currently, can fans expect another Turnover release this year?

You can definitely expect another release late this year or early 2012. We just started writing again and we have one song down. We’re planning on getting 4 songs together for a split.

What is your ultimate direction for Turnover?

We want to tour as much as possible and keep releasing music at a steady pace to keep our fans happy.

What’s planned for the rest of 2011?

We’re going to tour a few times, get these news songs written and recorded and then hopefully put it out shortly after that.

Thanks for doing the interview, any last words or shout outs?

Check us out on tour and pick up our 7" from the Broken Rim store. Thanks so much for the interview.

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