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New Jersey’s Settle For Less have just released their fantastic new EP "Contemporary" through 6131 Records, proving that they are a band to look out for in 2011. We caught up with the band’s guitarist Nick to discuss the new record, as well as many other things regarding the band.

Start off by stating your name; your role in Settle For Less and the best band you have seen live so far this year?

My name is Nick and I play guitar. And I would have to say Brand New.

Since I last spoke to you, you announced that the band had signed a deal with 6131 Records. What attracted you to sign with them?

They approached us and had nothing but good things to say. We were all fans of the label beforehand so we thought it was the best move for us.

The label started off mainly releasing hardcore records, but has lately released records by Such Gold, Joyce Manor and the new record from Maker will be released by them, do you feel the label is a good fit for the band?

I’m really into all those bands mentioned plus all of the hardcore bands on the label. I was a little worried at first of how people would react but after talking to Joey and hearing how 6131 works I knew it was a perfect fit. They just put out great records and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Your first release through the label is your new 7” “Contemporary”, which is out now digitally. How would you say the band’s sound has matured since the release of “Greetings”?

I think we all matured since we wrote Greetings. Those songs were written almost six months before we even recorded them. The new songs are much more personal. I went through a lot this past year and I’m sure some of the other members did as well, so some of the songs were written during some rough times in our lives.

Was the writing and recording process any different to what it was with the last record?

Writing was a lot better this time around. We were just writing songs, not knowing if they would ever be released. I think these songs mean more to us than the songs that were on Greetings. The recording process was very similar except when we recorded drums we didn’t use a scratch track. Instead me and Will (the drummer) played at the same time so we could feed off each other. We went back later and re-recorded the guitars and whatnot. I think it gave the songs more life.

One thing I have noticed with the new record is that the vocals have really improved, was that something the band aimed to do on the new record?

It’s not something we addressed but we were all happy how the vocals turned out

Have you had much feedback about the new songs as of yet?

Yes people have been saying good things. Which is cool.

The label will be releasing the EP on vinyl; do you know when that will be released?

We should have them in a week or two.

What is your favourite thing about having a vinyl release? Do you feel vinyl releases are important to have these days?

I’m very excited. I think vinyl is really cool. It gives bands a chance to actually sell their physical music again.

You have a run of dates lined up for later this month with Either/Or label mates Homelife. What are you looking forward to the most about these shows?

I’m looking forward to hanging out and going to the Midwest for the first time. We toured with Homelife last summer their like our best friends.

Will you be planning on hitting the road more frequently now that the new record is out?

Yes were trying to get out as much as possible.

You will be playing the massive Sound And Fury Festival at the end of July, how do you think this show will be for the band considering it is mainly a hardcore festival?

Hopefully it’s cool. Seahaven and Joyce Manor are also playing so we won’t be the only not-hardcore band.

When can we expect to see the band release a full-length album?

We are aiming for possibly next summer. It’s something we always wanted to do.

Have you got any more releases lined up for this year?

Nothing is definite but we are considering an acoustic release.

There was a post on your Twitter page from about a month ago that said, “we are NOT pop punk”. What was the reasoning behind posting this?

It wasn’t a shot at pop punk or anything. There are so many people that are so quick to label a band with a specific genre and it’s so much more than that. Just let the music be what it is.

There have already been some incredible records released this year, and many more to come. What records have you enjoyed so far, and what others are you looking forward to?

I really like the new Manchester Orchestra album, new Radiohead, and the new Touché Amore LP. I’m looking forward to the new Saves the Day, new Man Overboard LP, new Homelife, and the Maker LP.

Who are some bands you have been enjoying lately that we should be checking out?

Homelife, Washington Square Park, HisDayHasCome, United Youth, Joyce Manor, True Things, Wolves at Bay, Fisherking, and Bike Tuff.

What is your fondest memory you have with the band so far?

Watertown, NY was a fun time.

Is an Australian tour any closer to being a reality for the band?

Yes we are really trying to do it ASAP.

Thanks for doing the interview, any last words or shout outs?

Thanks Tom.

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