Brisbane’s own Milestones are amongst many of the uprising Punk/Hardcore bands in today’s music scene; yet seem to stand out more than others. Last year saw the release of debut EP "Growing Up Is Getting Old" since then the band hasn’t slowed down playing with the likes of Such Gold, No Trigger, The Wonder Years and many more. I caught up with vocallist Josh just before the band head into pre-production for their forthcoming full length.

Let’s start off by stating your name, your role in Milestones and the last record you purchased?

My name is Josh, I sing for Milestones and the last record I recently bought would be, Foundation – When The Smoke Clears (pre order) & The Saddest Landscape – You Will Not Survive.

What made you decide to play in a band since day one?

Honestly, for me it was more really about being able to express myself vocally and emotionally.
A general love for most forms of music, the way a song be so captivating. Music can give a feeling like nothing else, and I really wanted to try and write something that meant a lot to me, that others could relate to.

Can you give us a brief rundown on how the band started? Who are your main influences musically? Anything out of ordinary that no one would expect?

The band came together December 2009. Dk (drums) and Mitch (guitar) had been jamming songs out for awhile, they found another guitarist and through being mutual friends, Mitch just hit me up for vocals. I said I would be keen to try out, and we’ve just gone from there. Finding our sound was difficult as we all had so many different influences. Very vast, including Lifetime, Small Brown Bike, Sinking Ships, Mineral, Alkaline trio, Balance and Composure, Texas Is The Reason, Saddest Landscape, Hot Water Music, Lagwagon…etc.

Late last year you released your debut EP “Growing Up Is Getting Old” through Stay Home records, explain how the writing and recording process was?

That EP was sort of a concept album. The title, including all the lyrical themes of the songs revolve around a different emotion I felt towards situations we all face. A lot of what was going on at my life at the time and still are really, we all have to deal with growing up, so I just wrote songs about different experiences and how I grew from them, or the feeling of just wanting to resort to my carefree youth. We spent I think 9-10 days in the studio.The recording process was great, Dan Field (studio 454, Alderly, Brisbane) knows his shit man!

How was the reaction from the EP, do you feel like your fanbase is growing slowly but surely every day?

The reaction was good, the reviews were good. And slowly but surely the fan base is growing currently, and we’re really excited about it. And we’re writing really hard to put out a debut lp that will keep fans interested and attract new fans. We plan to tour a lot more in the second half of 2011. So come hang!

Lyrically, what inspires you when writing?

Life, humanity, love, youth, regrets, hope, growing up.

Name five of your favourite vocalists (D.O.A)?

1. Matt Canino – Latterman/RVIVR.
2. Matt Skiba – Alkaline Trio.
3. Elijah Horner– Killing The Dream.
4. Toby Morse – H20
5. Ross Farrah – Ceremony

Theres too many to name, but there’s a few faves! In no particular order! Chuck Collins & Mcmaster in there, those boys know how to work a mic.

So according to your Facebook page you have started pre-production for your new record. Who are you currently working in the studio with and where?

Yeah! We are really excited! We’re doing pre-pro at Studio 454 in Alderly, Brisbane with our pal Troy Brady & the tracks are sounding great.

What can Milestones fans expect from the new material, do you feel as if your sound has matured once again?

Yeah I think so, lyrically it’s a fairly mature album. Touching on serious topics here and there, many that do affect most peoples everyday life and it will be a record that people can really relate to. It has a desperate sound of angst and emotion vocally. Musically where the boys are writing really well constructed songs, a major improvement on past songs. There’s a bit of everything on this LP for fans of 90’s punk/emo, pop punk and hardcore. We’re excited to say the least to show fans our new material.

Do you think we can expect to see the new record being released by the end of the year?

Most definatly, after pre production is done, we start recording on June 20th, and then the record is being sent to fantastic producer Jay Mass (Have Heart, Cruel Hand, Title Fight, Word Up!), for mixing and mastering. So we’re aiming to have the LP out around late August, early September. We’re still working on the record name.

So far you’ve only made it out to Melbourne for interstate shows, do you plan to hit the road much this year?

Definatley. In the second half of the year, that’s our plan. Haha we’ve been pretty busy, so we are very much looking forward to touring more.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Pop Punk/Punk music in Australia today? Is the scene still alive and well in your own opinion?

Dude over the last few years its been building and building, its great right now! Theres a fair few bands doing some good things, especially from Brisbane (right now). I think if anything the next two years will see the state of punk/pop punk rise and rise! And we’re siked, more stage dives! Suss Takedown Records, Arrest Records, Poison City Records. All great established DIY labels here if your reading this from overseas.

Do you plan to press any releases on vinyl in the near future?

We’re pretty keen to press an LP, maybe a 7" before hand.

What local bands have you been stuck into lately that kids should be checking out?

There’s so many to name, some oldies and new bands, here we go.

Skyway, Headaches, Apart From This, Fires Of Waco, Anchors, Closure, Waiting Room, Thick Skin, Marathon, First Base, Calvacade, Ironhide, People Rain, Ghost Town, Traditions, Castles Sunk Below The Sea, We Set Sail, Acid Snake, Spray Shackles, The Dead Ends, Think Twice, Sunsets, Deceiver, xstpx, Jen Buxton, Sunsets, To The North, Word Up (r.i.p) – so many more!!!

Has there been talk amongst the band of announcing more than one release in 2011?

Yeah we’re thinking about doing a digital split, or a 7" – I think we will, the LP is the main focus for now, any tracks we don’t use or we think could be cool for a split. Then we will put them out, we’ve got a lot of material to work with, but we want to push the bar with this release.

What was the best show you played and best show you attended last year?

One of our first shows at aclub on a Wednesday night was great, so many people came! But personally my favourite show we played, even though small and it was this year, it was with No Trigger and Such Gold in Byron Bay on their recent tour, such good bands. And we just had a decent set. Too many good shows last year, but to name a few – Polar Bear Club/Break Even/Gifthorse, Ruiner, Daylight, Rise & Fall/Blkout, The Wonder Years, No Fun At All/Flatliners/Skyway shows.

Do you have any major goals you would like to achieve with Milestones throughout the coming years?

Just keep playing music that means something to us, music people can feel emotionally and relate to. Get overseas, play with some cool bands and just tour wherever and whenever we can.

What’s planned for the rest of 2011?

· Heaps of shows
· Stage dives
· Recording
· Eastcoast tour
· Record Release

Thanks for doing the interview, any last words or shout outs?

Thanks to you Tim and Killyourstereo for conducting the interview. "The youth can’t be saved, by the path that’s been paved"

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