Xibalba are one of  the most abrasive bands coming out Southern California since NAILS were unleashed upon audiences, gaining an underground following after the release of their cd ‘Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias’ and the ‘Earthquake 3- Way Split’ with peers Ruckus and World of Pain. Having just released a Self Titled 12" compilation on the notorious A389 label, we caught up with singer Nate and talked about beer, influences, their band name and Xibalba’s future plans.

Thanks for taking the time to do this, let’s start off by telling us your name, what you do in the band and your favourite beer?

My name is Nate and i do vocals in Xibalba. Ha Ha my favorite beer.. That’s a first but my favorite is a tie between Modelo Negro and New Castle.

To someone who has never heard your band before, how would you explain your bands sound and who would you say your bands biggest influences are?

I think some of the most obvious are 90s influenced hardcore with a mix of some metal. Some of our biggest influences are Crowbar, Sepultura, Disembodied, Blood Has Been Shed, Buried Alive… I can go on and on.

How did the band come about and could you elaborate on what Xibalba means?

Xibalba came about in 2006 when Big and I wanted to do something a little more intense and down tuned, off the bat LIL and Jason where in on drums and bass. Year or so passes and Jensen joins and fills in for our old guitarist who we parted ways with. This band came about pretty naturally; we all have previously played together and are very close friends. As for the name we wanted something evil and that could represent our Hispanic culture. Xibalba in Mayan mythology is "the place of fear" or equivalent to hell. The name fits our roots and the sound so we rolled with it…

Would you say the bands style has changed from the demo up to the ‘Earthquake’ 3 way split?

For the most part no… But our new material I feel we have put a lil more thought and effort into the writing process. Can’t wait for it to drop in 2011…

You dropped a 12" LP very recently on A389, were you excited to work with a label that has released records from Integrity and Pulling Teeth?

Yes!! Dom and A389 have been very supportive. The work and detail he puts into his bands/records is great. He has released so many records that I love and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

As well as the LP, you recently released a video for the song Cold, which in my opinion contains all the elements of a good time, what made you decide to film a video and was there a conscious decision to film a house party as opposed to a video with a plot?

Some of us are vegan, straightedge, drunks and some smoke… Whatever the case is we just simply played a show in our living room and video taped the day. It was fun…

What are Xibalba’s plans for 2011? Any international tours planned? Is Australia on the cards?

2011 is a exciting and busy year for us. We are releasing a split with Incendiary on Closed Casket Activities and a new LP in the fall. As for touring we head out this may on a full US with select dates with Foundation, Withdrawal, Venia, Seraphim and more. We are also heading out to Europe this summer with Harms Way and Broken Teeth. As for Australia I can only hope to tour… who knows maybe one day…

What are some other Southern Californian bands people should check out?

So Cal is killin it with bands right now. Just to name a few Soul Search, Nails, Alpha & Omega, Rotting Out, The Black Bath, Ruckus, World of Pain, Fell to Low, Take Offense, Minus, The Love Below… I could l keep going but i wont.

Any last words, shout outs?

Thank you to A389, BDHW, Southern Lord, Friends, Family and anyone who has supported us and lent us an ear. Hasta la muerte todo es vida


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