Formed in 2007, Perth boys Lacey have quickly made a name for themselves in their hometown and across Australia. The band released their well-received debut EP "Ropes" last year, and are hotly tipped as one of the country’s most exciting new bands. As the band write their first full-length record, we caught up with the band’s guitarist and keyboardist Connor to talk Santa, the XX and gladiator battles.

Hey man, let’s start out by finding out your name, what you do in Lacey, and your favourite album of 2010?

My name is Connor, and I play guitar and keys. 2010 was a good year for tunes… tough call, but personally I think some of the best albums of 2010 were from Massive Attack, Gorillaz and Foals.

What would you say influences the band most, either musically or otherwise?

Unfortunately vulgarity is a big influence on us, sometimes for better but mostly for worse. Musically I’m not too sure, we all have relatively different tastes, but I guess everything we listen too has some sort of effect on our writing, I’m sure its the same for everyone.

Your well-received debut “Ropes” was released early on last year. Can you tell us a bit about the writing and recording process for that release?

Our songs start in a bedroom, then we all listen to the demo and have a session of barely constructive barrage of hate in the rehearsal room. Then we just choose the songs we think are the least shit to record professionally. Although anything Berry does is hard to call professional.

The band’s played a few local shows lately, including at Sydney’s the Gaelic and World Bar, as well as Newcastle’s CBD hotel. How’d you feel those shows went?

It was really great. We all had an amazing time, most of the shows were with Royal Chant, and they are awesome. We had an average of 2 hours sleep a night for the entire time of the tour, I think we visited at least about 4 pubs or bars a day.

How does it feel to be able to pull a crowd on the opposite side of the country?

Completely spun out. We didn’t really know what to expect, it was pretty strange but awesome.

Aussie alternative music fans know that a lot of great bands have emerged out of Perth in the past few years, can you tell us a bit about the live music scene over there?

Its really great being able to go see friends play in other bands and projects almost on a weekly basis. I think new music is what holds our collective Perth minds intact.

Having done quite a bit of touring in the past 12 months, what’s the best show you’ve played so far?

Our Christmas show was pretty ridiculous. Harry, Tom and I dressed as the three kings and Berry was the star in the east. Berry is always the star. Also we had a friend dress as Santa for photos but he was way too drunk and slowly removed his clothing throughout the night. Eventually he got kicked out at about 3:30 am.

What music you guys tend to rock when you’re in the van?

Local talk back radio is a great way to connect with your surroundings, and the XX and Death Cab is good for hangovers.

Also does Lacey have any strange tour rituals we should know about?

Tom and Berry fought out the first of what I expect to be many pretty epic hotel room gladiator battles. Tom was armed with a guitar lead and blanket, and Berry had a towel whip and pillow shield. It spilled into the hallway and ended pretty badly. Berry got pretty destroyed although whipping someone with a guitar lead when they are down was pretty brutal on Toms part. I threw verbal wood on both sides of the fire for my personal entertainment.

Other than presumably a whole bunch of touring, what does 2011 hold for Lacey?

Currently we are writing like crazy. Aiming for a debut album release around October. We’ll try not to make it too shit either.

Any last comments or shout outs for our readers?

Stay cool and stay happy.

Cheers dude, thanks for your time!


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