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As one of Australias hardest working independent bands, The Resignators have seen it all. Playing over 400 shows both nationally and internationally including exstensive tours of the USA and Canada and a showcase performance at SXSW 2009, the road hardened mob know how to get people off their feet with their ska infused beats. The bands vocallist Francis kindly took time out of his busy schedule and answered a few questions.

First of all start off with your name, role in the band and favourite food?

Hi I’m Francis, singer of Melbourne band and lover of a good lamb roast.

Musically and lyrically who do you consider to be your main influences when writing?

Personally I think my greatest influence is The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. I also grew up on a steady diet of Aussie pub rock, having grown up in country Victoria, I guess it shows through in our music sometimes.

So late 2010 you released your second full length "See You In Hell", how has the response been since it’s been out?

The response to “See You In Hell” has been really positive. We’re all so proud of this record, it is by far the best work we’ve produced to date.

Who came up with your band name and what’s the story behind it?

The Resignators’ name comes from a RX Bandits album called the resignation. Our former guitarist Chris came up with the name after we went through a few different names including International Rescue, Radio Rescue and some other really crappy names. I think it stems from the love of bands that are a little obscure and / or unknown.

Just for those who aren’t familiar with you guys, how and when did the band form?

The Resignators formed six years ago, however only Dittman and myself are original members. The band was originally put together due to the demise of some other ska bands by myself and former Trombone player Ellen.

Do you feel like that the ska scene is still alive and well in Australia these days?

The live ska scene is still going strong, it was driven underground after the third wave boom of the mid 90’s. There are some great live bands including Loonee Tunes, The Operators, Chris Duke and The Royals, The Kujo Kings, Anarchist Duck, Lotek and more. There’s also bands like Area 7, Commissioner Gordon and the Porkers who come out of hibernation from time to time a play shows. There’s some great ska festivals like the Ska Weekenders in Sydney and Ska Nation in Melbourne.

So you guys are hitting Canada soon after your run in Australia, are you guys siked to head back overseas?

We love touring Canada, this is our third tour, especially this time because we’re doing a bunch of shows with Canadian ska legends the Planet Smashers and awesome folk ska band from Vancouver The Dreadnaughts. Stomp Records in Montreal, Canada really look after us…

What was the writing/recording process like for "See You In Hell"?

We’ve always been a band where everyone is involved in the song writing process. It’s rare for an individual to write a complete song. Usually someone brings in an idea or concept into rehearsal and we pick it apart, make changes and pretty much re write it.
It’s a group effort

Are any of you guys in any other bands or previously were?

I played in a band called Addicrion 64, Dittman (Trumpet) is a trumpet whore and has played in many projects, Steve, guitarist, was original member of seminal band GWAR. He and Stacy, keys, have their country outfit Family Farm.

Best show you’ve played this year and best show you’ve attended?

2011 is just beginning so 2010 would be a better point to start. The Resignators supported the Aggrolites in Vancouver which was pretty awesome. Victoria ska fest on Vancouver island was amazing, touring with Reel Big Fish at the end of 2010 was pretty amazing. I always like seeing Melbourne band Loonee Tunes, their gigs are fantastic. The Dan Potthast tour in 2010 was rockin’. Everyone should check Dan out!

Are you currently writing or recording new material?

Currently The Resignators are pretty much promoting their new album “See You In Hell” at the moment.

Do you have any goals you would like to reach as a band throughout the coming years?

To be happily making music with The Resignators. Maybe even a little $ – hahahahaha

What’s planned for the rest of 2011 for The Resignators?

Heavy touring schedule across Australia, return to Canada and the USA in July and heavily promoting See you in hell. We have so much faith in this album… It’s fantastic.

Any last words you would like to add?

Thanks for the interview, please check out The Resignators live and online at and

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