Avalon Drive

Australian alternative rock group Avalon Drive were one of Brisbanes finest rock offerings, after releasing three EPs, scoring  tour support slots with big bands such as Fall Out Boy, Anberlin and Rufio, five headlining interstate tours and countless TV  appearances and festivals. Avalon Drive are now reforming for one special Reunion show at the Hi-Fi Bar, before the show I got Damion Page to answer a few questions.

Like most stock standard interviews start off with your name, role in the band and favourite food?

Damion Page, vocalist for Avalon Drive and Words Versing Verses and eats a shit load of chilli.

Can you give us a brief rundown on the history of the band?

Formed in 2005, released 3 EP’s, 4 music videos, toured this beautiful country with Yellowcard, The Veronicas, Fall Out Boy, INXS & The All American Rejects. Dropped in at the Arias and MTV awards, released 4 music videos, Hit up Rove and a few random TV shows and a couple of line up changes all leads to 2011 and right to this show. Wow, 6 years. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

How would you describe your bands sound to someone who hasn’t heard you guys before?

High energy heavy/melodic rock pop with licks and noises. But based on what the set is sounding like for the Feb 5th show, we are a mixed and very confused sound of horns meeting chainsaws. So yeah, nothings changed.

Who did you consider to be your main influences when writing?

AD’s sound has always has been revolved around our mood at the time. We love so much music. It is more so about the energy at the time, we try to develop any sound ideas we may have and see where they lead us. It’s important everyone gets their ideas into the song writing. Where guitars may seem to fit, cello or trumpet may fit far better.

So Avalon Drive parted ways back in 2008, what’s the story behind the break up?

Google it, it went viral haha. It was a terrible ending to a beautiful story. People change, ideas change, so I did what I felt I had to do to move forward musically. No matter what the cost I had to be honest with myself and love what I do, and I wasn’t at that time. I had to get through some personal walls before I wrote or played music again. It’s not as if an immediate break was possible, we were in the midst of a massive single release and a national tour. Yeah people got hurt but at the time, I was drowning. So I simply, let go.

Now you guys are back together for a one and only reunion show, are you all siked to get back on stage?

Yeah, the feeling is electric. So much energy and so many new ideas. The sound is different and far more matured. Playing music with the guys again means the world to me. We are pretty lucky to be doing this and we don’t take it for granted. Closure.

Since the break up of the band, what have you and the rest of Avalon Drive been doing musically?

My new project Words Versing Verses has kept me very busy after a few sold out shows and immediately signing a single and video deal with RandD Records. The Garrison City has been keeping Wil Morris busy and Shane has been onstage a few times in the last year.

What has been your favourite memory of being in Avalon Drive?

All the time we spent together on the road. The tours and sharing the stage with Fall Out Boy. Can’t beat the shows before we did all that. The Lions Den and the princess theatre in Brisbane holds significant memories for us guys.

And your worst memory?

When Wil left in 2007 and the morning I left in 2008.

Do you plan on releasing some sort of compilation or greatest hits in the near future?

No. But perhaps an Xbox game with a zombie feature. Has to be available on kinnect too.

Do you feel like you reached all your goals whilst playing in the band?

Not quite yet 🙂

Can fans expect to see a good mix of old songs and new on your reunion show?

Sure can, with a different sound and twist to them. We have gone all out for this one.

One last question, best show you played to date?

For me, Fall Out Boy Brisbane show at the Convention Center. Jumping into a crowd of thousands of people does something to you. Things just felt great that night.

Thanks for doing the interview, any last words?

I want to thank our fans, friends and family’s for all the support. This shows for you guys. We love you.

Cheers KYS. Xox

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