No Trigger

They’re called No Trigger, they hail from Massachusetts and they recently released a new 7” titled ‘Be Honest’. I caught up with vocalist Tom Rheault to get the low down on what’s been happening in the No Trigger camp as they smash through venues across Australia with Such Gold.

Hey Guys,

Welcome to Australia, can you please state for the readers at home, your name, position in the band and what your favourite Kid Dynamite album is..

I am Tom and I am the singer. Shorter faster louder is my jam. I apologize in advance if these answers are short since I am typing this on an iPhone with a stolen wireless signal.

So, this is your first trip to Australia, what are you expecting? Have some of your tour buddies from home been sharing stories?

All of buddies took airplanes between cities and we are doing it the old fashioned way in a 15 passenger van. The drives are terrible but the scenery is unreal!

Have you played shows with your tour partners Such Gold before?

No but I’m so glad we are playing we these guys down here. Best dudes, best merch guy.

When you were first starting, what were some of the influences that shaped the No Trigger sound?

Way back then it was mostly A Wilhelm Scream, Marathon, Strike Anywhere, Kid Dynamite, Paint it Black, etc.

Ok, in 2006 you guys released the brilliant album ‘Canyoneer’, can you bring us up to speed with what’s been happening since then, both in terms of No Trigger and the various side projects that were active.

We all have full time jobs now and are slaves to the grind when we aren’t doing NT stuff. Mike P is in another band called Building and Tom C is in a band called Save Ends.

You recently released a 7" titled ‘Be Honest’ on Mightier Than Sword records. Were the songs recorded in 2010? And what difference of mind frame and musical taste were you guys in for that recording period opposed to when you last hit the studio in 2006?

Yes we recorded those songs in the fall of 2010. We all listen to so many different bands and types of music, but I feel like our influences for writing music have not changed too much.

How did Mightier Than Sword come to release the new 7" and can we expect the next No Trigger release to be on the same label?

We know R.J. at MTS very well. We just asked him if he’d be down and he was super pumped. For the full length, No Sleep Records will be putting it out.

How do you guys spend your days when you’re home and not on tour?

Working, living, cooking, yard work, gym, soccer, drinking, planning adventures, making records.

Home to you is ‘Massachusetts’, give us the inside scoop on the bands you think we should check out?

Aerosmith is pretty good.

What does 2011 hold for No Trigger? Another full length?

If everything goes well, we should have a new album in the bag for around July or so.

Who was the first person in your band to pass out upon hearing the news that you would be supporting Descendents at Groezrock this year?

Me! I honestly could not believe it when I first found out about it. Just seeing them would be a dream come true, never mind playing the same show as them.

Top 5 albums at the moment?

Oh Jesus, that is an impossible question. Some records in that realm would include the most recent Title Fight album, the new Nightmares For A Week album, and Such Gold- Pedestals.

Favourite movie and actor at the moment?

I really liked Exit Through The Gift Shop. I don’t think I have a favourite actor, but Larry David comes close.

Last book you read?

A Walk in The Woods by Bill Bryson

Beards or moustaches?

Beards, man.

Simpsons or Futurama?

Futurama is great. That episode where Fry’s dog waits for him to come home (for years until he eventually dies) chokes me up every time.

Stage dives or high fives?

High fives. My last stage dive was probably 5 years ago.

Any last words guys?

Thanks for the interview, and sorry again that the answers were kind of short. Come out to one of the remaining shows if you can!

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