Sydneys metallic hardcore maestros Phantoms had a massive year in 2010 releasing their debut album through Trial And Error and playing a ton of shows nationally. Now the guys have teamed up with Canberra sludge merchants I Exist and brought us a new 7 inch titled "Bad Romance", a record following the concept of Wet’ n’ Wild rides. Before Phantoms head off for their on their "Bad Romance" tour I got to catch up with vocalist Caed, to talk Metallica riffs, dildos and vinyl.

First of all start off with stating your name, role in the band and favourite Metallica riff?

Caed, vocals / junior vice president / maltese mum and 0.18 seconds into "The Thing That Should Not Be" off "Master of Puppets".

Your first album “As Above, So Below” dropped late last year, how has the response been so far? What’s changed since the release?

More people at shows I guess, a lot more people seem interested I guess because the record isn’t so one dimensional like the demo, its got a bit of something for everyone.

What has the reaction been like when playing “As Above, So Below” tracks live?

Really good, again we have only toured the record once and it came out on that tour, but Generation was crazy and every show we have played since the release has been cracking.

Before the end of year you announced you were releasing a split 7 inch with your mates in I Exist, which just came out on Common Bond and Resist Records. How was the writing process for this?

The writing process was really good, we nailed the tracks in the space of two or three weeks and everything went pretty smoothly.

Did you take a different approach when recording the split?

The record was very rushed, we had six days to track and mix a complete album, the split is more for fun I guess, both bands tracked it on the same day, then we went to Sizzler then Soulfly so I guess it was kinda the same as the record haha, pretty rushed, but we are all happy with how it turned out.

Who originally came up with the concept for “Bad Romance”?

Kelly (our guitarist) & Aaron (I Exist) over there 901st beer on the March QLD tour.

What made you decide to release something on vinyl?

Everyone in our band (except me) are vinyl nerds so everyone was stoked to put something out and also the chance to work with Graham and Resist / Common Bond was to good of a chance to turn down.

Do you ever plan on releasing “As Above, So Below” on vinyl?

We are talking about it atm, we are nearly out of the cd so i guess its the next step.

The band just recently toured with Miles Away on the “Endless Roads” tour, what was the best memory from the tour?

Countless memories, so I’m going to write an essay  and give you my top three moments, haha.

3. Myself and Joy (CHRM MAGZ) taped a dildo that Hopeless found in a truck stop toilet onto Cam (Miles Away) mic stand while he was tuning in-between songs at the fort in brisbane. I also slapped Brett from Hopeless in the face with while they were playing.

2. Hopeless were scared we were gonna use paintball guns on them while they were playing in Byron Bay, so they struck first and Chewy from Hopeless pissed in our water bottles, summing it up we drank his piss haha.

1. Hopeless thought they won the tour war and were on there way home after the last show of tour (Byron), but while Miles Away were playing our guitarist Red, took a dump in some old underpants and stuck it under the seat in Hopeless van. We kept it a secret until we were four hours away from Sydney, and we announced on our Facebook that we shat in Hopeless van.

Tour was so much fun. Haha.

So I’ve heard “Generation 2010” was filmed for a DVD. Is this true? If so will there be any Phantoms footage on it?

Yup, we got three tracks recorded, there will be most likely be footage of me when i thought I broke my leg COOL !

You’re back on the road very soon for the “Bad Romance” tour. Anything else planned for the rest of the year tour wise?

We have got some cool stuff lined up, hopefully another national tour around June aswell.

Are you guys currently writing new material for a future release?

We have got two tracks down now, we are hoping to record again at the end of the year, so I guess we will start after the upcoming tour.

What are some bands that we should be checking out?

Warbrain , 4 track 7 inch coming out on Trial & Error
Apart From This, EP called "Daydream"
Comeback Season – demo coming soon
Fixtures – split coming soon.
Endless Heights
Legions – IF they ever do anything haha
Marathon – Nick Lucas and Ryan sim ♥

Best show you guys played in 2010?

There has been three standouts. The Fort on the MA tour, Generation 2010 and Death Before Dishonor in Sydney.

What’s planned for the rest of 2011 for Phantoms? Shall we be expecting good things to come?

Hopefully As Above So Below out on vinyl, shows, a Rammstien intro, and more rap related merch.

Thanks for doing the interview mate, any final words you would to like to say?

Thanks for the interview dude, check out the tour it will be fun !

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