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Get used to seeing the name Such Gold this year. The band is currently ripping their way through Australia for the first time with No Trigger, and they have no plans on slowing down at all. The band will be releasing their debut album later in the year, as well as splits with A Loss For Words and Into It. Over It. 2011 will be Such Gold’s year. The band’s front man Ben answered some questions for us on the eve of their Australian tour.

Start off by stating your name, your role in Such Gold and your favourite restaurant to stop and eat at while on tour?

My name is Ben and I sing in the band. My favorite restaurant to eat at on the road is Waffle House, when I get my food on time.

It seems as if you guys have really been gaining momentum since the last time we spoke, what was the second half of the year like for you guys?

It was awesome. We got to play Fest 9 where we got to watch many of our favorite bands. More and more kids have been coming out to our shows, so we’re real excited about that. We’ve got to meet a lot of new bands/ people that we’ve become friends with.

You have basically toured non-stop the last few months – with the likes of Hit The Lights, A Loss For Words, Into It. Over It, and heaps more. What do you feel are the benefits of touring so frequently?

One thing that is sweet about non- stop touring is that our music stays on kids minds. There are so many good bands out these days that it’s hard for kids to keep up.

A few nights ago you guys opened for The Starting Line and played in front of more than 2000 people. Was that the biggest show the band has ever played? And what was it like playing in front of so many people?

We played Sound and Fury Fest this summer and there was about as many people there but playing a show in front of that many people with only two other bands is pretty nerve racking. It was also very exciting. Playing with a band that we all grew up on was pretty unreal.

Your new EP was finally released a few months ago, are you happy with all the feedback you’ve gotten so far?

Absolutely. We have received a lot of good feedback and we are always happy with that.

As many would know, the EP leaked onto to the internet quite a bit before its official release, which led to you posting it on your bandcamp page not long after. Do you think you handled this unfortunate situation as best as possible?

I think we handled it to the best of our ability. The songs that leaked were not complete so we definitely didn’t want kids to think less of the record because those tracks weren’t done. We can be very critical of ourselves so we wanted everyone to hear the songs the way we hear them.

You got Kenny from The Starting Line/Person L and Karl from Earth Crisis to do guest vocals on the EP, who came up with the idea to get them to sing on it? And how did you go about approaching them to do it?

Both Kenny and Karl play in bands that we have a lot of respect for. I’m not sure exactly whose idea it was. We really just asked them, not expecting anything to come from it, and when they said yes we were shocked and excited. None of us ever expected to be on the same recording as either one of them so it’s safe to say that it was more than a pleasant surprise to us.

In a few weeks time you will be coming here to Australia and touring our country for the first time, what are you looking forward to the most about this?

Well for starters none of us have ever been to Australia so that will be a completely new experience. Also we are excited to get away from the snow and into the sun.

The tour is with No Trigger who haven’t done very much touring in the last few years, were you siked when you found out you would be touring here with them?

Absolutely. I saw that band years ago in a small lodge near my hometown with Polar Bear Club and it was awesome. We all loved them before we started this band so it’s definitely a cool thing.

Have you got anything special lined up for these shows?

We’re just going to play our hardest as we always do. I guess you’ll have to come check out the shows for any surprises.

When the local supports were announced you guys seemed pretty impressed with some of them, any in particular that you are looking forward to checking out?

I haven’t gotten to hear all the locals yet but Lungs and Anchors are two bands that I was definitely blown away by. Can’t wait to see them live.

Is there anything you want to check off your to-do list before you leave the country?

I want to ride in a kangaroo pouch. Seriously though I would like to try vegemite and maybe go surfing.

When you first started the band, did you ever imagine that you would get the chance to tour different parts of the world?

Absolutely not. When I first joined this band I just wanted local kids to come out and sing along with us.

Recently you announced that you have recorded a bunch of new tracks for splits with A Loss For Words and Into It. Over It. Can you tell us a bit about these tracks?

We recorded four new tracks. The first two we recorded right in Rochester with Brian Moore at Red Booth Recording. Those two are going on the Into it Over it split. The second two we recorded with Steve Sopchak at Square studios where we recorded our first EP Stand Tall.

How would you compare these tracks to the tracks on Pedestals?

The songs definitely carry the same intensity as pedestals but I think that these songs are much more musically mature and more melodic.

When can we expect to see these splits being released?

I can’t say for sure but I will say that you can expect these both to be released in 2011.

Are you aiming to release a full-length record some time this year? Have you written many songs for it so far?

We definitely have a lot of ideas flowing around the band but as for right now we’re focusing on just touring as hard as we can. We’re planning to focus on writing for a full length this May.

Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve with the band?

Honestly we’ve played with some of my favorite bands, met tons of awesome friends, got booked for a tour around the world. I would like this band to keep growing as it has for the past two years but anything that happens is more than I ever expected to happen with this band.

What are your plans after Australia? I saw you’re going to tour Europe with Starters?

Yeah once we finish in Australia we fly straight to Japan to begin a four day tour with a Japanese band called Cleave. From there we fly to Europe and tour for a couple weeks with Starters from Dublin. Also a few of the dates are with our friend Koji. After that we head back to the states to play South by South West and from there we tour back home with two sick bands called Kills and Thrills and All Teeth. After two weeks of being home we start a full U.S. tour with Living With Lions, Make Do and Mend, Fireworks and The Wonder Years.

Thanks for doing the interview, any last words or shout outs?

Thank you to everyone who ever has or ever will support this band. Thank you Kill Your Stereo. Thank you to Brock and Tully and No Trigger. Also I want to give a shout out to some awesome bands like Maker, After the Fall, We Are The Union, Rust Belt Lights and all the other bands we’ve played with. Also thank you to Mightier Than Sword Records and 6131 Records for supporting us. One Nation!

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