Homelife/Bike Tuff

Homelife and Bike Tuff have just teamed up to release a split 7" through Either/Or Records, and to change things up, the two bands have taken the time to ask each other a bunch of questions for us to read. 

Bike Tuff to Homelife:

Where did the name Homelife come from?

It didn’t really come from anything, but it sounds pretty cool, huh?

How long have you been a band?

Since the summer of 2009 roughly but we only played 2 shows in 09. We ended up getting rid of a guitarist and Jacob started playing guitar and singing after the second show so it kinda started to come together into what it is now early 2010.

What are your touring plans for 2011?

We are hoping to do as many shows as possible in and out of state. Right now we’re looking at doing dates w/ Settle For Less, Bike Tuff, and Fisherking. Weekends as much as possible and a couple weeks in the summer for sure.

Do you have any upcoming releases planned?

We’re currently writing for a full length that will hopefully be out in the spring and possibly a split with Settle For Less later this year.

How many pogos can Homelife do in 30 seconds?

Depends on who is pogoing but Matt is probably the best. He used to be better when he listened to System of a Down though.

What are your biggest musical and lyrical influences?

Further Seems Forever, Small Brown Bike, Grade, Shai Hulud, Buried Alive, Refused, A lot of 90’s hardcore. Lyrically it mostly comes from character flaws, personal experiences, and the search for self.

What do you hope to gain by being in Homelife?

Friends and experiences. It really just gives us all something constructive to put our minds towards since all of us except Craig hate school and our jobs.

What do ladies like most about Homelife?

Not our bodz. Next question.

Bands to check out? 

Fisherking, Natural Disasters, Settle For Less, Weak Teeth, Time Shares, Spraynard, Nightlights, Great Reversals, What Counts, Paul Blest, Hisdayhascome, and Landon Sheely.


Homelife to Bike Tuff:

What made you decide to name your band Bike Tuff?

It’s a Latterman reference and Mason thought it sounded cool. We like Latterman.

How long have you been a band?

Since Valentines Day 2009 none of us had girlfriends so we started a band.

Do you guys have plans for Valentines Day then? Do your girlfriends get jealous?

This will actually be the first Valentines Day that any of us have girlfriends so we will see what happens.

Past bands?

The Happy Accidents. Next question.

What are your future touring plans?

Ummm weekends during the school year and then a couple two weekers in the summers.

What will you be releasing next?

At least an EP but possibly a full length we’re still writing right now.

Where will you be recording?

Hopefully someplace awesome. We’re demoing where we recorded all the previous releases.

What’s up with the long song titles?

Mason names the ones he wants and Steve names the rest. Ones from a Canadian rap group called Simco Street Mob. Others are Simpsons references, things my friend Sallad said, and other stuff like that.

Where do you get your influences?

We grew up on like 90s alt. Rock like Weezer, H.U.M., a lot of ska bands and then when we got older we got more into emo and hardcore and its kind of a melting pot of all those sounds. Bands like Cap’n Jazz and Small Brown Bike and shows like Keys to the VIP and The Simpsons are big influences.

Why are you guys obsessed with cats?

Lololololol they’re the only thing we don’t feel threatened by and come on they’re adorable.



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