After doing a solid amount of touring in the last 12 months, including hitting Europe for the first time, Australia’s kings of nu mosh metal Confession are currently writing for their second full-length album, to be recorded and released in 2011. The band will be ending their huge year by being a part of the massive No Sleep Til Festival, which is kicking off this weekend in Auckland. The band’s front man and B grade reality TV star Michael Crafter answered a few questions for us.

Start off by stating your name, your role in Confession and the best new record that you have heard recently?

I’m Crafter I sing for the band and the best new CD recently was the Eminem CD. Seriously so catchy and easy to sing to.

Last time we caught up with you “Cancer” was just about to be released, what was the overall response to the record like?

Its been great, done a shitload of good tours both in Aus and Europe. Been a big year for the band and cant really complain at all.

I know some people weren’t fans of the clean singing that you introduced on the record, what was the reasoning behind the addition of this?

We aint just into heavy stuff, I kinda started in a band that was massive on singing parts, metal stuff etc with PQ. Then Dan was doing similar stuff with his old bands. We wrote a lot of catchy riffs on the last CD and we felt we could easily mix it up.

What has the reaction to the songs from “Cancer” been like during the bands live shows?

Way better than any of the old shit. I guess you’d have to come see it to know. There’s enough video’s etc online for people to see that kids clearly love singing along to swear words hahahahaha.

Currently you are up in Byron Bay writing material for the new album, how is that going at the moment?

We are at the Parkway house cause Jed offered us to write the album here. Its going sweet like 15 songs written and still half way through. Probably write up to 25 songs and then work out whats best and what to make changes on and record sometime next year.

Are you approaching anything different with the songwriting than you did for the last record?

We have a drummer who’s in the band is the first. Hahahaha We always just made drums and then got a drummer to play it. This time around Dan and Shane kinda wrote the songs together and I gave a few theories on what should go where etc.

Have you decided yet who you are going to record the new album with? Are you going to head overseas for it?

We got heaps of idea’s but aint really going to say anything. It’s one of those things that will happen with press for the next CD and lead up to the record. Im sure all will be revealed early next year.

The band has done a huge amount of touring in the last 12 months, what keeps everyone so motivated to play so often?

We just hang, have fun and talk shit to each other non stop. We try use the band as a vehicle to do other shit and then play some shows along the way. It’s just good to hang with ya mates and go on tour.

What are your favourite and least favourite things about touring with the band?

Best is the fact we have fun and get to play to kids. Worst is waking up and being stuck in the van for ages. But hey could be stuck at a desk working and hating life more.

The band even toured Europe for the first time at the start of the year, how would you compare the shows over there to the ones back here?

Same kinda vibe, heaps of kids singing along and going nuts. We did really good for a first time there. Internet helps a band heaps internationally.

In a few weeks time the band will be a part of the massive No Sleep Til Festival, what are you looking forward to the most about these shows?

I’m looking forward to seeing my friends mainly. I got friends in a bunch of bands on this bill so I wanna just hang out and have a good time. Shows are an added bonus to the deal.

Any bands in particular that you are looking forward to watching?

ADTR, Parkway and Frenzal. I know all 3 bands will do super well and it’ll be nuts.

Do you have anything special lined up for the shows?

Waking up in time for early flights? hahahahahaha

No Sleep Til seems to be filling the void where Soundwave is lacking, where they are putting some of the best current Australian bands on the same line up as the big international acts. I know you have been vocal about this issue in the past, do you think No Sleep Til are onto something good here? 

I hope they are and don’t get lost in bullshit like a lot of festivals do. There’s a lot of good music in Aus and its outta control how well some of those bands do on tour. 

Soundwave is what it is, they put 1-2 Aus bands on a 30303033 lineup I don’t agree with it but they are doing the thing and whatever. Australian music should be pushed forward and supported by Australian booking agents etc. It’s good NST has given a bunch of Aus shit a go.. I’m sure the Aus stuff will smoke a lot of bands on the festival also and surprise people.

The band has had a few line up changes this past year, with Tyrone parting ways with the band on unfavourable terms, do you want to clear up what happened with him?

He’s the only one. We haven’t changed anyone in forever since him. Yes we have had fill in’s but they aint exactly a lineup change one bit. He stole from us one night out of a bag. He took all the merch money and got his girlfriend to pick him up in the night while we slept. Sketchy cunt.

Recently you announced that Byron from 50 Lions has joined the band on bass. How did you decide that Byron would be the right person to join the band?

He’s one of Dan’s best friends. They pretty much done every band together over the years. We know what he’s like as a dude. So it was an easy decision.

I asked Gordy this question in my interview with Frenzal Rhomb the other week so I will ask you as well, when are you planning on doing your yearly headwalk while the band is playing?

I could do a festival head run. I’ve done a shitload before to the band. Kinda scared about them paying me out every day on stage. Its bound to happen.

You had some incredible merch designs for your recent “Keeping It Bogan” tour, including the Holden and Tapout designs, how are you going to top those designs in the future?

Umm shit probably never. My brain thinks crazy things sometimes.

Seeing as though you have accomplished so much in your life as a musician, is there anything that you would still like to achieve?

Honestly not sure, just record good music, have fun still and keep doing this for a bit longer. Id love to keep hitting Europe and going to places I’ve never seeen.

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened with you and a fan?

2 days ago. 3 kids were out front of the Parkway house. Looking at it. Ben and Jed’s parents told them while driving out the drive way I’d show them around. So I had 3 Parkway fans hanging with me looking around the house like it was graceland or something. Hahahahahaha Fully snapped.

Is there anything that you regret doing during your time in bands?

Umm not listening to some people when it came to some stuff. Lost friends along the way and some shit happened. Don’t lose sight of what you wanna do, have fun and if things get bad talk it out rather than fighting it out. Maybe things would have turned out differently if I was smarter about some things years ago.

What advice would you give to bands just starting out?

Just have fun, its the best advice. There’s no 10 steps to getting big or touring or whatever. Its have fun with ya mates, write some songs and play some music. Its the best thing you can do.

What are your favourite records that have been released in 2010?

Parkway and Eminem hahahahaah

Who are some new bands that you have heard recently that we should be checking out?

Ocean Grove
The Ailment

What are the band’s plans for 2011?

Record a heavy record and tour places hahahahaha.

Thanks for doing the interview, any last words or shout outs?

Thanks for hooking this up. See ya at No Sleep.

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