In case you missed it, back in September Brisbane (and now Melbourne) based act Arrows dropped their fantastic second full-length "Try And Stay Upright", through Hobbledehoy Records, and did a run of dates across the country to launch its release. A few months on, we have caught up with the band’s bassist Carl to discuss the new record and other things regarding the band.

Start off by stating your name, what you play in Arrows and the last record you purchased?

Hi. My name is Carl, I play bass and the last record I purchased was Paper Arms – Days Above Ground.

Your second album, “Try And Stay Upright”, was released back in September, once again through Hobbledehoy Records, what is your reaction now that the record is out?

My main reaction when I saw the final product was relief. In the initial stages of making a new record its exciting but then it gets to a point, especially after being involved with every part of it’s creation, when you just want it to be over with and you’re tired of either hearing the songs themselves or hearing about anything to do with the record. I’m sure anyone in a band can relate. We’re a few months out now and I think we’re all happy with how everything went and looking forward to working on the next release.

What was the writing and recording process like for the new record? Did you approach anything differently this time around?

We didn’t really make any drastic changes to our writing or recording process. I think anything we did differently this time around was brought on by learning bits and pieces along the way from the last few releases. I suppose one major factor was Ant really taking the piano element of our sound towards a more primary role – whether or not that will continue I’m unsure.

Did you feel any kind of pressure when writing the new record considering how well received the band’s previous records were?

A little, but mainly from ourselves as we are our biggest critics. As for outside pressure it’s not something we’ve ever really thought about or been affected by. I hope it’s something we never have to consider with future releases or anything that we do really. If we’re happy, then we’re happy, as selfish as that sounds.

What has the overall reaction to the record been like so far?

Fairly positive. I haven’t read many reviews about it but I have spoken to a few friends who’s opinion I value and no-one has told me they hate it… yet.

Do you have a personal favourite song on the record? If so, why that song?

Maybe ‘What Happens at a Gifthorse Show’, I think we captured the moments everyone feels when we play live but ‘Always With the Leaving’ holds a special place for me.

The band did a few interstate shows in October to launch the release of the record, what were those shows like for the band?

The shows themselves are some of the best we have played so far. The Brisbane show was particularly special as Anders and I live in Melbourne now so it was great to see so many old faces signing along next to some new ones. Getting back to Sydney was fun and Adelaide as well, Adelaide is great.

The record has been pressed on both vinyl and CD formats, what influenced the band’s decision to do both formats?

Initially we were under the impression that it would be a 12” format only, but Tom informed us he was intending to do both all along. I guess it just provides options for people and how they would like to listen to the album.

The band has received heavy praise not only here, but also overseas in the last few years. Do you think the band will ever tour outside of Australia?

We would love to, but it is difficult enough to organise a string of shows in Australia, let alone overseas. We have had some offers to play in Europe and the US which has been fantastic, but at the moment we are unable to commit to anything. Hopefully that will change in the next few months.

Has the band been writing any new material as of late?

There’s a few unfinished songs floating around but we’re still deciding what to do with them. Hopefully over the Christmas break we can get together and decide what to do next.

Do you think we can expect to see you release something new in 2011?

I’d say most definitely. We began planning a 7" in the last few months but now I’m unsure if we’ll go ahead with it. Tom from Hobbledehoy Records has a little something up his sleeve which will be released in January. Something on vinyl.

Will the band be hitting the road a bit more often now that the new record is out?

We would really love to do another national tour in the not too distant future. It’d great to get back into a van and drive down the East coast again. The last couple of years we haven’t been able to do that due to work and study commitments. We’ve had to plan mostly well in advance to fly here or there and usually weekends apart for a run of shows. Spending a couple of weeks in a van getting up to mischief with some friends, I think, is one of the best things about being in a band. It would be great to get over to Perth as well.

What has been your favourite show that you have ever played with the band?

No Culture II at Ahimsa House in Brisbane a few years ago is still my favourite show. The entire day. Our last two shows in Brisbane have been pretty special and it was excellent to be involved in the Poison City Weekend as well. There has been a lot of shows so it’s hard to name just one.

Who are some bands you have been enjoying lately that we should be checking out?

Headaches, Quiet Steps, Let Me Down Jungleman Gently, Weightless… again, there’s lot of bands.

Thanks for doing the interview, any last words or shout outs?

Thank you for taking the time to ask us questions. G-Man, I’m coming for you.

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