A Day To Remember

Like or not, the name A Day To Remember is one which has absolutely taken the alternative music world by storm in recent years. Their undeniably catchy brand of pop-mosh has gotten dancefloors and festival crowds moving the world over, as the band continue to recruit legions of enthusiastic new fans. With the release of their new album “What Separates Me From You” in November and their return to Australia on the upcoming No Sleep Til festival dates, we caught up with the band’s guitarist Kevin to talk everything A Day To Remember.

Ahoy there! Please start out by telling us your name, your role in A Day To Remember, and your favourite native Australian animal.

Hello. My name is Kevin and I play the guitar in ADTR. And my favorite Australian animal is the Kangaroo because it was the only animal I could think of that started with a "K"

Can you give us a bit of insight into how some kids from Ocala, Florida came to be the musical juggernaut that is A Day To Remember?

Hard work and damn good looks.

What would you say are the band’s primary influences, musical or otherwise?

Musical: New Found Glory, Blink 182, Millencolin, Seventh Star, On Broken Wings etc. Anything mantastically heavy or awesomely catchy. Non-musical: The Undertaker…the wrestler.

A lot of labels get slapped on your music. How would you describe your sound to a hermit who hasn’t heard ADTR?

I would first ask him how he likes being a hermit. And then say "would you like to listen to a band that makes your nails and hair grow long and make you feel in complete solitude?" I’m sure he would dig that.

You’ve just released the new album, “What Separates Me From You”. How was the writing and recording process this time around in comparison to past efforts?

It was smoother and more planned out I would say. Sorta. We never really plan for anything…ever.

Have you played many tracks from the upcoming record live? What has the response to the new material been like so far?

We’ve been doing "2nd Sucks" and "All I Want" on our last tour but we would definitely like to incorporate a couple more for sure. The response was good right off the bat then once the record came out just exploded.

Florida has seemingly become another American hotspot for great punk, hardcore and metal. Can you give us a little insight into what the scene’s like down there?

There has always been big bands coming out of the state. As for the "scene" where we’re from is comparable to nothing. All the venues are gone.

Having played at Soundwave earlier this year, you return to our shores in December for the No Sleep Til tour alongside Descendents and NOFX among many other epic names. How do you find playing festivals as opposed to smaller shows?

Festivals are always a great time. Not that smaller shows aren’t, but you get to see a ton of bands you wouldn’t normally get to see. We would never tour with Megadeth (I don’t think) but we get to see them on festivals. It’s just fun to go scope out bands like that where you don’t normally get to see them. Although festivals are stressful because set up and soundcheck is only 20 minutes long. Makes for a lot of technical difficulties and worry.

What are you expecting from the No Sleep Til shows?

I’m expecting a ton of Australians.

As one of the best known names in heavy music today you guys have undoubtedly had some of the coolest opportunities and experiences that a band can hope for. What’s has been your best tour memory thus far?

Playing with bands I grew up listening to and idolising. No words can describe it.

And the worst thing that’s ever happened to ADTR?

Not getting our order right when going through a Drive-Thru.

What music does the band tend to blast in the tour bus whilst on the road?

Anything that brings back memories. Old hardcore, punk, dance hits…usually the "Macarena".

Are there any bands you’re personally digging at the moment that people out there should check out?

The Temptations.

With the release of your new record around the corner and a hefty list of dates ahead of you, what else does the future bring for ADTR?

I have no idea. And I like it that way.

Thanks a bunch man, see you in December!

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