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When it comes to contemporary black metal, they don’t come much bigger than malevolent Brits, Cradle of Filth. Having just released their ninth studio album ‘Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa’, described by Blunt magazine as “like a Tim Burton soundtrack on crack”, guitarist Paul Allender kindly took time out of his busy schedule to have a very quick chat with Killyourstereo about music, band achievements and that infamous t-shirt.

G’day mate. Just to get things started could you please state your name, role in the band and your favourite British metal album of all-time.

Paul Allender, Guitarist for Cradle of Filth. (My) Best album would have to be Judas Priest’s – ‘Defenders of the Faith’.
New album about to come out, a string of shows planned to end the year and take the band well into 2011. How are things going with you guys at the moment?

Things are going well. We are all hyped up for the new album and cannot wait to get touring.
As you just mentioned, your new ninth studio album, ‘Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa’ hits stores in November, with a new record label putting it out. I know it’s probably the most common question getting thrown your way at the moment but can you give us a brief insight in to what we can expect?

More speed, more brutal carnage (and) within the such a small area of a CD.
Cradle of Filth have achieved quite a lot over your career span. What would be the achievement you feel defines you most as a band? 

I think it would have to be, being nominated for a Grammy (back in 2005) and also playing to 1.5 million people on MTV.
Irrespective of line-up changes, Cradle of Filth are approaching their 20th anniversary. Are there any things on the musical checklist that you would like the tick off while this band is still writing and performing together?
I would like for us to play with a real orchestra on stage and have actors perform a concept we have created. That would be amazing…wait I am actually working on that idea now (laughs).
Currently a Brisbane man is facing criminal charges, namely ‘public nuisance’ for wearing your provocative ‘Jesus is a C—’ t-shirt in the community. Reaction to this type of merch has drawn similar responses in the past both locally and internationally. Do you have a certain and/or strong opinion on these situations? Is it a case of society being too sensitive or does it reinforce that metal is about pushing boundaries and this is just another isolated example of it?

All I can say is that it is a fucking t-shirt for Christ sake. It just shows how much of a sad world we live in and how we are controlled and led like sheep. If people would stop and ignore ‘said’ shirt then it would go away. The only reason it is still out there; apparently offending people is because everyone is still talking about it.
Just to close proceedings, we have some easy ones to finish off with,
Favourite gig you have ever played?

Download Festival
Favourite album(s) of 2010?

Triptykon – Shatter (EP)

Worst album of 2010?

None, because I do not buy shite.
Most embarrassing album in your CD collection?

A 1980’s pop compilation called ‘Hot Summer Nights’ (laughs).
Any chance of seeing Cradle of Filth in Australia sometime in the New Year?

Apart from touring, what are the band’s plans for the rest of 2010?

Rehearsals, gigs and start writing new material (again).
Any final words for the KYS readers?

Thank you so much for supporting Cradle…I hope you like the new album and see you on the road.
Thanks for the interview Paul, appreciate your time.

It is all good my friend.

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