We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans are barely 5 years old and are already taking the hardcore/screamo world by storm. Already having released 2 EP’s and a full length album titled ‘To Plant a Seed’ which dropped in 2009, Michigan local boys We Came As Romans are definitely a band on the up and up and one to keep an eye on hopefully with a new album to come in the new year.
Making their debut appearance in Australia for December’s ‘No Sleep Til’ Festival, We Came As Romans are bound to recruit some new Australian fans with their own style of Pop-Metal.
Lead guitarist Joshua Moore took some time out to answer a few questions.

Let’s start off with an easy question: What’s your name, your role in the band and your favourite ice-cream flavour?

I’m Joshua, I play guitar on stage and am the primary writer, and I like vanilla ice cream with caramel and hot fudge.

In 3 words, how would you describe We Came As Romans?

Lots of passion. I could probably think of a better way to put this, but it’s the first thing that really came to my mind.

The ‘No Sleep Til Festival’ will mark your 1st trip to Australia, how do you guys prepare yourself for a gig in a new location? And what are you expecting for the Australian crowd?

I think the most important thing for us is to not get too nervous or anxious about it. Just get on stage and do what we do normally, even though it’s for a completely different crowd of people. I think Australia is gonna be a ton of fun, and I think the crowd will have a lot of fun during our set.

This November will make a year since ‘To Plant a Seed’ was released, any news on a new album in the new year? And do you think that you have grown as a band since your last offering?

There will definitely be an album from us out in 2011, but as far as dates and everything, I can’t say too much! And I definitely do think we have grown a lot as a band since our last CD. We were VERY new to the whole music industry thing when we released To Plant A Seed. And not that we’re complete veterans now, but we definitely have learned a lot and grown as a band and as people.

With having toured with some awesome bands such as Silverstein, Emery and most recently Australia’s own Parkway Drive the band must be hugely musically influenced all the time. Who would you say is your main influence as a musician?

My biggest influences musically are As Cities Burn, August Burns Red, and Underoath. All the bands have released CDs, which, to me, are timeless. I can always find inspiration when listening to them.

With touring so extensively since ‘To Plant A Seed’, what’s been the strangest night of We Came As Romans’ touring life?

There have been a lot of strange nights, without a doubt, we’re actually going to be on a 1000km bus trip to Stockholm tonight : but being overseas especially, every night that we go out, we learn something different and speak to different people, it’s been a really cool experience.

Speaking of extensive touring, the band would spend a lot of time together while on the road, how does everyone keep sane? And what’s the key to not getting on each other’s nerves?

The key to staying sane on the road is getting enough alone time and remembering that everyone has to coexist.

With so many great bands playing on the ‘No Sleep Til’ Festival bill, who are you most looking forward to checking out? And besides your selves, do you have any recommendations for festival goers?

I am stoked to play with and see August Burns Red again, and stoked to see and play with A Day To Remember for the first time. And it’ll be cool to see the Parkway Drive dudes again after this tour right now is over.

What can fans expect from your live shows that they may not necessarily get out of listening to your CD?

We try to be performers, as much as musicians. Fans want to see a show, not just listen to one; so we try to put a lot of energy and passion into our live show, and just have fun with it.

Thanks man for your time and any last words for your Aussie fans in the lead up to the ‘No Sleep Til’ Festival?

I hope everyone is as stoked as we are for No Sleep Til 🙂


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